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Jingle Yells is the fortieth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

It is also the first Christmas themed episode. It was aired on December 15, 2013.

Title origin

The title is a pun on a Christmas carol's name, Jingle Bells.

Toons.TV Description

It's Christmas and King Pig is expecting eggs under the Christmas tree! To get close to the eggs, Corporal Pig disguises himself as Santa with the Minions as his reindeer. But will the Blues spot the trick in time?



It's Christmas Eve at the Piggy Island, and the Blues are hanging stockings on a tree's branches, putting Santa's hats on the Eggs, and then going to sleep. In the Pig City, some Minion Pigs are nailing a giant stocking to a girder in King Pig's palace, in hopes that Santa will give him eggs.

Back to the Blues, Corporal Pig, disguised as Santa with his Minion Pigs as reindeer, approach the nest.  Just as Corporal Pig stuffs the eggs into his sack, the Blues are awakened and ask him for a present, thinking he is Santa Claus. Corporal Pig quickly searches through his sack and gives them a stuffed toy, a toy bear. Joyed, the Blues happily hold the present, just to see the head fall off and roll to a now empty nest, leaving them confused. Panicking, Corporal Pig quickly heads back to his sled while the Blues look at him. Just then, they see his tail, giving away his Santa Claus disguise.

The Blues quickly block his way and beat him up in various ways, one blue bird tries pulling off his fake beard but could not, though ended up slapping it back. The other two bring candy canes and insert them into his nose. Finally, they tie him and his sled together before flinging them away with the slingshot, causing them to travel back to Pig City.

King Pig was still waiting for Santa's arrival, while humming to the song Jingle bells. Suddenly, Corporal Pig's sleigh falls through the roof of King Pig's Palace, and lands in King Pig's oversized stocking. King Pig mistakes Corporal Pig for Santa Claus, and was very pleased to see what seemed to be a giant egg in his stocking, but was really just Corporal Pig's crashed sleigh.

Later, the Blues are very happy to see their stocking filled with presents, as the real Santa flies over the nest, saying his catchphrase.



  • In Wreck the Halls, King Pig dressed himself as Santa. However, Corporal Pig did in this episode instead of King Pig.
  • This is the second holiday-themed episode from Toons, with the first one being Night of the Living Pork.
  • The scene when the sleigh, Santa Corporal Pig, and the Reindeer Pigs are going in a moon background is a reference to a scene from E.T.
  • Corporal Pig said "shut up!" when the pigs laughed in 00:43.
  • Jake said "sweet" and "enough" in this episode.
  • This was the first time real, clear, actual words were spoken in Angry Birds Toons. Santa Claus said Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! in this episode.


  • Due to forgetting the "Created by" credits slide in the credits, this is the only episode with 7 credits slides and the lowest in the series.


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The Bad, the Average and the Santa.