Joyful Jingle
Joyful Jingle TC
Episode number 14
Air Date December 12, 2018
Written by Arnaud Janvier and Francois Dufour
Directed by Arnaud Janvier and Francois Dufour
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Joyful Jingle is the fourteenth episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

YouTube Description

A group of resourceful pigs celebrate the festive season in style.


The episode starts with pigs walking when suddenly one of the light bulbs from the post lamp dropped. Many others followed, which the pigs get very surprised on. One of the pigs gets a lightbulb which powers up in surprise, which one of the pigs makes a sound over the lightbulb. Many other ideas happen to go quickly, which includes clapping, sniffing, and using many light bulbs with log sticks. Then, all of the pigs sing Jingle Bells, which gets interrupted by one of the pigs singing Silent Night. The music then comes to normal, which then ends with a Christmas tree made from blocks of the pigs. The pigs celebrate throughout the credits, which a little rephrase at the end of the Jingle Bells song gets played.



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Piggy Tales 4th Street - Joyful Jingle-0

Piggy Tales 4th Street - Joyful Jingle-0

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