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Jurassic Pork is the fourteenth and final episode in Angry Birds.


35-1 Cutscene: Because Foreman Pig entered the Time Machine on Piggy Farm, the episode starts with the birds going to the Mesozoic Era in the Time Machine that Foreman Pig created. He also became the king of some prehistoric pigs.

37-16 Cutscene: After a lot of effort, the birds retrieve the eggs back by defeating the pigs and make a party by setting the time machine into party mode. Meanwhile, pigs ride Tyrannosaurs.


The episode features several new prehistoric features, such as a Mammoth costume, palm trees, dinosaur fossils, dinosaur masks, etc. One of them is the Pterosaur wing, which makes objects and pigs flip.

It added new things such as prehistoric shells, eyes, dinosaur fossils, etc.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures appear in the levels fro 35-15 to 36-14, and Fossils appear from 36-15 to 37-16, which most of them in the third part are living beings that were revived by thunders.

Pterosaurs also appear in the background and cutscenes, Sauropods appear in the background of the first Cutscene and episode icon, while Tyrannosaurus appear in the last cutscene, where the pigs ride them

The levels in this episode go to easy to hard, but most of them have a medium difficulty.

There are no Golden Eggs in this episode.


Theme 35 to 36

It is set on the Mesozoic Era of Piggy Island. There is a jungle full of trees that lead to large mountains and volcanos with some trees, and Pterosaurs fly in the sky.

Theme 37

It is now set on a bone desert on a stormy night, there are some Mountains and on the foreground, there are bones, and strikes of lightning often occur.




  • Jurassic Pork's name is a pun on the name of the franchise, Jurassic Park.
  • This is the only episode in the game that uses different music for the cutscenes.
  • In modern versions of Angry Birds, the level is placed after Bird Island to accommodate the now-obsolete episode prices.
  • In the Chinese version of Angry Birds, the episode is in the "New World" category and the themes are strangely numbered as theme 135, 136 and 137. This is not the case in Angry Birds Time Travel.


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