Jurassic Pork
AB Jurassic Pork
Episode number 14
Levels 46
New features Prehistoric Objects
Released August 23, 2017
Game(s) Ab icon
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Piggy Farm TBA

Jurassic Pork is the 14th episode in Angry Birds. It added new things such as prehistoric shells, eyes, dinosaur fossils, etc.


35-1 Cutscene: Because Foreman Pig entered the Time Machine on Piggy Farm, the episode starts with the birds going to the Mesozoic Era in the Time Machine that Foreman pig created. He also became the king of some prehistoric pigs. The birds do a lot to effort to defeat them.

Gameplay: They pass by dinosaurs (Such as Tyrannosaurus Rexes, Sauropods and Stegosaurus), bones and thunders.

37-16 Cutscene: After a lot of effort, the birds retrieve the eggs back by defeating the pigs and make a party by setting the time machine into party mode. Meanwhile, pigs rideDinosaurs.



  • Jurassic Pork's name is a pun of the franchise, Jurassic Park.
  • This may be the last episode since the birds were making a party.
  • This is the only episode on the game to use a different music for the Cutscenes.

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