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Just So is the seventh episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the fifty-ninth epsiode overall.

Toons.TV Description

All Red wants is for the eggs to have a perfect environment where they can incubate in peace. Is that too much to ask?


Red is looking for a place to put The Eggs. He finds a good spot underneath a tree and sets the eggs there. He measures them with a ruler. It is then revealed that there are three Minion Pigs in a nearby bush. Then Red sees an odd weed. He tries not to think about it, but it keeps bothering him. Finally, he goes to weed it, leaving the eggs. One of the pigs then tries to steal the eggs, but Red reaches the weed and pulls out his weed cutter, which scares the pig and makes him hide in the bush. Red then cuts the weed off at the stem. He also notices and takes care of a blade of grass that is longer than all the other grass blades. Meanwhile, the pigs move to the tree above the eggs. A dirty leaf then floats by and lands near Red. Red goes to get rid of the leaf. One of the pigs tries to steal the eggs again, but Red pulls out a hammer which scares the pig back into the tree. Red then hops into the tree and begins to hammer the leaf, causing the pigs to fall out. The leaves then land on top of them. Red, seeing that job done, sweeps up the leaves. He then goes back to the nest, only to discover that the eggs are missing. Red panics and looks in the pile of leaves. The pigs leave the leaves, and one spits out some leaves. This alerts Red to their location, who gets angry and beats them up. The pigs land in a pond and one begins to spurt water like a fountain. Red has an idea.

The final scene shows red trimming his hedge. The three pigs are working for him in the pond. One is being a fountain, the second is playing a lyre and the third is playing a horn. They quickly stop for a rest, but Red orders them to continue and they do so. During the credits, they played horrible notes.

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  • A pig at the end spraying water resembles an ancient Greek fountain.


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