Angry Birds Friends Kentucky Free Chicken

The Kentucky Free Chicken Tournament is a tournament of Angry Birds Friends!  that happened on:

  • Tournament 1 2018: (September 10th to September 12nd 2018)
  • Tournament 2 2018: (September 13rd to September 14th 2018)
  • Octournament 2019: (July 15th to July 17th 2019)
  • Tournament 2 2019  (July 18th to July 19th 2019)
  • Tournament 3 2019 (July 20th to July 21st 2019)

It's a special tournament that features several things. The main special thing is the chickens that appear in the levels and need to be freed and there's also special farm-themed music theme.




It is time to enjoy some farm life!  Have you already released all the chickens from level 4?


This week we get to enjoy freeing the Kentucky chickens from the evil bunny-pigs (bunnigs?)


In the background, there's a crop with hay farmland and hay rolls. There are also a bit of trees near it.

In the foreground, there is a dirt path near a fence that guards a lettuce crop.

New Features

It features several things such as:

New Animal

  • Chicken: They appear sad in the levels and can appear in cages sometimes, but they appear mostly sitting alone. If a bird frees one of them, they will cluck, flee, and sit near the birds.


  • Golden Giant Chicken Egg: Gives 5000 points when destroyed.
  • Basket: An easy to destroy object.
  • Watering Can: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Rake: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Leaf Rake: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Shovel: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Saw: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Wine Bottle: Another easy to destroy object.
  • Chicken Cage: Another easy to destroy object. Sometimes it can appear damaged.
  • Wagon Wheel: A hard to destroy object.
  • Red Wood: Red painted Wood with the same durability.
  • White Wood: White painted thin Wood with the same durability.
  • Grapes: An easy to destroy fruit.
  • Cauliflower: An easy to destroy vegetable.
  • Sunflower: An easy to destroy plant. Its stalk can also be used as Grapevines.
  • Hay Bale: Another easy to destroy object. It appears in big and small form.
  • Realistic Pig Ears and Snout: A pig's wear.
  • Horse Hat: Another pig's wear.
  • Chicken Hat: Another pig's wear.
  • Straw Hat: Another pig's wear.
  • White Beard: Another pig's wear.
  • Orange Bermudas Shorts with Bird Details: Another pig's wear.
  • Bra: Another pig's wear.



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