Kim Fli Hy is an Angry Birds Evolution bird that can be obtained at any time in the



It's not the size of the size of your rockets, it's their aim that counts.

And if you're off your rockets, you're probably Kim Fli Hy, aka Supreme Leader, Bird Island's least successful dictator.

Favorite Book: My Cage



He is based off Kim Jong Il. He is a small light blue cubic bird with medium wings, a medium sharp yellow beak with teeth, small orange feet, almost closed eyes, dark blue feather hair pushed to the back and a small dark blue feather tail. He wears golden sunglasses with black square lens that reflect the image of a mountain on a sunny day.


He is angrier, he now wears a dark red cap with golden straps and a symbol of classicRed, the sunglasses have now red dots on the front lens and golden dots on the glasses, the glasses are now straight and doesn't h ave a curve above the beak .


Cooldown Punishment Rank 1

Attack with two additional mirror images for 146 damage. Enemies that are not in threat stance always receive critical hits.

Cooldown Punishment Rank 1

Attack with two additional mirror images for 188 damage. Enemies that are not in threat stance always receive critical hits.

Leader Skill

Damage Bonus Blue

All blue birds in team get +30% attack power.

Bird Information


When he is in his first level, it is less than 200, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.


When he is in his first level, it is less than 90, but he can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When is in his first level, he gives less than 540 Bird Power to the team, but he can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 200 Blue Evolution material to evolve him. The income of Blue Evolution Material and Coins when selling him varies according to his level.

Appearances In Other Games

Angry Birds 2 

Kim Fli Hy appears in the Angry Birds Evolution Spell event where the player could launch Nuclear Tuna off the slingshot and a bunch of them would fall from the sky. It uses his evolved design.


  • He is based off  Kim Jong Il in several ways:
    • His appearance is very similar to the one of the dictator and the glasses are a reference to the ones he wore.
    • The rockets in the description are a reference to King Jong Un's rockets.
    • The name Kim Fly Hi is a pun on their names and on Fly High.
    • His artwork is based off a image of Kim Jong Il saluting.
  • The book My Cage is a parody on the book My Struggle, written by Adolf Hitler.
  • In the Brazilian Version, he is named ''Kim Jaburu-Un'', Jaburu means Jabiru, but he doesn't look like one at all. The name is also a pun on King Jong Un.


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