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This article is about Smooth Cheeks. For his predecessor, see Leonard. For the monarchy as a whole, see Piggy kingdom.

"Now for today's agenda, I would think some boisterous yelling, some egg-stealing."
King Pig, Angry Birds Comics #3

King Pig Smooth Cheeks,[2] simply known as King Pig[note 1] or Smooth Cheeks,[2] is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series. He is an obese pig who is the current monarch of the Piggy kingdom. Smooth Cheeks inherited the throne from his father, Leonard Mudbeard. Known for his childishness and overinflated ego, King Pig is a lazy, bossy pig who enjoys constant meals and naps at the expense of the basic needs of the other pigs, whom he looks down on.

His reign has been marked by an authoritarian rule and the relentless pursuit of the Angry Birds' eggs, which he needs to eat to legitimize his regime. Despite the constant battles between both sides, the birds are always able to secure their eggs before Smooth Cheeks has a chance to consume them. Fearing that the fact he has not eaten a single egg in his life may threaten his rule, King Pig regularly organizes egg-eating ceremonies where he eats decoy eggs to give off the impression of a legitimate monarch, and has a cult of personality built around propaganda and false claims of achievements to assert himself as the one in power.[2][4]


Main article: King Pig/Angryverse

Originally, King Pig was a large, oval-shaped pig with lime-colored skin. He had widely spaced eyes with a green snout in between. His ears were aligned to one side of his head and were black on the inside, while the other side had a small, yellow crown with three sapphires on it. This design was slightly altered in Angry Birds Chrome by making the insides of his ears green, his head a bit wider, and slightly tilting his view from an angle. In Angry Birds Friends since 2017, his shape and eyes were redesigned to resemble the Minion Pigs in the game. His crown was also redesigned.

For the animated shorts in the early 2010s, King Pig was given a different design, being a round pig with green skin and small eyes, resembling other pigs. Nevertheless, he is still much larger than them and his crown remains unaltered. This design was used few times, including the earliest animated trailers for Angry Birds Friends, and the cutscenes in Angry Birds Trilogy. The Ham'o'ween short, which also made use of this design, gave King Pig a different crown and a black and crimson cape, as he was disguised as a vampire.

Since the Bad Piggies Cinematic Trailer (with the design previously appearing as a drawing in Meet the Pink Bird), King Pig has appeared with a drastically different design, with a triangular body and a protruding snout being his most noticeable physical changes. His crown is much taller and has five points instead of three, although it still has the blue jewels from his original design. Over time, this design was slightly altered to have darker spots on King Pig's skin.


Said to be the greediest, meanest and most childish creature on Piggy Island,[4] King Pig is very impatient, temperamental and immature, often acting like a spoiled child. He can be entertained by anything; for example, he finds the sound of deflating balloons funny, and has mimicked it while laughing.[7] He lacks basic manners, eating large chunks of cake at once and chewing with his mouth open.[16] He is also very bossy, constantly giving his minions orders and asking for eggs, a food he seeks to eat. He is also jealous of other people's successes and accomplishments, specially Chef Pig's, and always strives to be viewed as the best at everything.[17] In addition, he is very stupid and lacks common sense, proudly blaming himself for actions he did not do, and cannot solve easy problems.[9] Nevertheless, he can sometimes be very intelligent, spying on the birds at the human world without them realizing it[18] and even convincing them that he was a good person.[19]

King Pig is notable for being very lazy; he spends the whole time in his palace, taking fourteen naps a day.[4] He avoids doing exercise, which he despises, insisting to be carried around on a throne by some Minion Pigs while being fed junk food.[4] He is shown to be a very gluttonous person, eating everything in his sight, even plates.[16] King Pig loves sweets and desserts, and cannot resist eating them.[20] Some other examples involve him falling on his own trap to catch the Cave Pig by eating the cakes the Cave Pig was supposed to eat, which resulted in him and Chef Pig being frozen,[14] and when he ate radioactive-looking candies with cockroaches on them.[21] He is also a very self-centered person, and a liar as well, building his image and reputation up with made-up stories and claims about himself and his relatives.[4] King Pig is also greedy, not sharing anything to anyone; once, he even stole a Minion Pig's lollipop to eat it himself. However, he left aside this persona on one occasion to get a Christmas gift from Terence.[6]

"Minion pigs! Help me!"
King Pig, Angry Birds 2

King Pig is also very cowardly, being terrified of the presence of birds alone, and asking his henchmen for help.[22] He was also very scared of an innocent, pink dog-like toy, and made every effort to stop it.[23] In addition, he once had nightmares of monsters surrounding him after Chronicler Pig told him a fairy tale.[24] However, he is also somewhat of a dreamer, believing that he can be as good as a wrestler as his idol, El Porkador.[5] Another example of this was when he wanted to be a sheriff, but his cowardice made him quit and imprison himself to be safe.[13]

Behind his selfish, demanding persona, King Pig has a soft side. He likes sleeping with his teddy bear, and has had nightmares of it being in danger when he was not sleeping with it.[8] He is also very sensible, crying in the middle of a battle with no effect. He dislikes being insulted, and feels uncomfortable whenever he is being portrayed as a disgusting person.[7]

Powers and abilities

King Pig is very durable, having survived explosions, falls, crashes, and even being crushed. He has also shown a capacity to drive all kinds of vehicles, from karts to alien saucers such as the Claw.[25] His bossiness can be helpful in battles, boosting his allies' attack power. For offense, he has been known to vomit on his targets.[26]


Angry Birds


King Pig facing Red, the leader of the Angry Birds, from "Eating Out".

"What's their problem anyway? They should be honored that I want to eat their eggs. Don't they know who I am?"
King Pig, The World of Angry Birds Official Guide[27]

The Angry Birds are King Pig's arch-enemies, with a deep-seated animosity between the two sides. Due to his royal obligations, King Pig constantly has his subjects engage in operations to steal their eggs, which are the last ones on Piggy Island, so he can eat them, seeing them as rightfully his own thanks to his title.[27] Although Smooth Cheeks tends to act smugly and mock the birds whenever he feels like he has the upper hand, he is actually terrified of them, and rarely goes to face them himself.[28][29] Outside of his egg-stealing operations, King Pig has had various interactions with some of the Angry Birds: he briefly had one of the Blues as a pet, and was heartbroken when he abandoned him,[11] and unknowingly exchanged love letters with Matilda using a bottle.[30]

Minion Pigs

"I don't care how many of these grunts get dive-bombed by the Angry Birds. All I care is that they get me eggs!"
King Pig, The World of Angry Birds Official Guide[31]

The Minion Pigs are the lowest ranking citizens of the Piggy kingdom and thus servants of King Pig, who carry out his orders without question. The monarch is very dismissive of his subjects, being entertained by their suffering[32] and constantly forcing them to bring him the Angry Birds' eggs, imposing harsh punishments on them when they fail in their task.[31]

Foreman Pig

Toy Hoggers-8

King Pig looking for the Foreman Pig's help after his teddy bear broke, from "Toy Hoggers".

"I can always rely on Foreman Pig to build me the best egg catching weapons. I'm not sure why they keep falling to pieces though."
King Pig, The World of Angry Birds Official Guide[33]

The Foreman Pig is one of King Pig's closest allies, and the two can often be seen together. Smooth Cheeks always relies on the Foreman Pig for everything, specially when it comes to building all sorts of devices.[33] Despite this acquaintance, the two pigs harbor a mutual resentment toward the other, with the monarch disliking being called the Foreman's friend.[34]




  • In "Where's My Crown?", the other Bad Piggies seem to be unable to identify him as King Pig when he lost his crown, despite his unusual shape, although it could likely be due to their stupidity.
  • In the comic, The Bidding War, King Pig's birthday supposedly takes place. The comic was released on September 12; but then King Pig claims his birthday is next week, meaning King Pig's birthdate is September 19.
  • King Pig once had a wife (a cabbage) when he was briefly hallucinating after being struck by it, thinking it was a Queen Pig.
  • King Pig would have appeared in The Angry Birds Movie, but he was cut and is only on storyboards.
  • In older Mattel games, King Pig was represented without his crown, and there was no crown accessory to use with him.
  • King Pig's favorite ice cream flavor is sugared acorn.[35]
  • In Angry Birds 2, King Pig's voice clips are all taken from early episodes of Angry Birds Toons.


Main article: King Pig/Gallery


  1. While most sources refer to him as "King Pig", other ones make use of the article the, thus naming him "the King Pig".


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Note * - Appears in the PC version only