This unidentified female pig, also known as and more well-known as King Pig's mother, was the Queen of Piggy
Island, the consort of the King of Piggy Island, who was King Mudbeard.

She gave birth to a child, Smoothcheeks, who later became King Pig.


She married King Leonard Mudbeard some time after the Battle of Pig City and on September 19 gave birth to a son, Prince Smoothcheeks. This child, after the death of King Mudbeard - eventually became the King of Piggy Island, and better known as King Pig.


She died at an unknown point in the timeline of the Angry Birds series, and was mourned and given a funeral. She was possibly buried in a cemetery or a crypt in the Pig Church. Her portrait remains in the throne room of the Pig Palace, where it can be seen while playing Dessert Mode in Bad Piggies.


  • This is one of the very few instances of a Female Pig.
  • Her royal portrait depicts her and an egg. It is most probably fake.
  • Before the main antagonist of The Angry Birds Movie 2 was revealed to be Zeta, a theory that was discussed by multiple Angry Birds fans was that she was the main antagonist.
  • In Angry Birds Comics Issue 10, her son, King Pig, asked for a portrait of his Mommy, but when the portrait - along with some other ones, are presented to him, a portrait of one of his ancestors (most likely her husband, King Mudbeard) is shown. This is an error.


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