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This article is about Smooth Cheeks. For his predecessor, see Leonard. For the monarchy as a whole, see Piggy kingdom.

"Now for today's agenda, I would think some boisterous yelling, some egg-stealing."
King Pig, Angry Birds Comics #3

Smooth Cheeks, also known as King Pig[note 1] or King Pig Smooth Cheeks, is the main antagonist of the Angry Birds series. He is a pig, the current monarch of the Piggy kingdom, and the successor of his father, Leonard.[2]


Originally, King Pig was a large, oval-shaped pig with lime-colored skin. He had wide eyes and a green pig snout in between. His ears were aligned to one side of his head, while the other side had a small, yellow crown with spiky ends on the top part of it, as well as small, blue jewels on it. This design was slightly altered in Angry Birds Chrome, and for Angry Birds Friends in 2020.

For the animated shorts in the early 2010s, King Pig was redesigned. He now is a round pig with green skin and small eyes, resembling other pigs. Nevertheless, he is still much larger than them, and also wears his crown, which was unaltered. This design was used few times, including the earliest animated trailers for Angry Birds Friends, and the cutscenes in Angry Birds Trilogy. The Ham'o'ween short, which also made use of this design, gave King Pig a different crown and a black and crimson cape, as he was disguised as a vampire.

Since "Where's My Crown?", King Pig was given a completly different design. He now is a triangle-shaped pig with green skin and some darker spots on his body. His crown was altered as well, being much taller and more detailed than before, though it still keeps the blue jewels from his original design. Over time, this design was slightly altered to have darker spots on King Pig's skin.


The King Pig's profile, from Toy Care's 3D Toothbrush product presentation.

King Pig is very immature, often acting like a spoiled child. He can be entertained by anything; for example, he finds the sound of deflating balloons funny, and has mimicked it while laughing.[7] He has very bad manners, eating large chunks of cake at once and chewing with his mouth open.[16] He is also bossy and ungrateful, constantly giving his minions orders and asking for eggs, a food he seeks to eat. He is also jealous of other people's successes and accomplishments, specially Chef Pig's, and will try to be better than said person.[17] Because of this, he has shown a lack of empathy towards other people. In addition, he is very stupid, proudly blaming himself for actions he did not do, and cannot solve easy problems.[9] Nevertheless, he can sometimes be very intelligent, spying on the birds at the human world without them realizing it[18] and convincing them that he is a good person.[19]

King Pig is notable for being very lazy; he spends the whole time in his palace, taking fourteen naps a day,[4] and, whenever he goes anywhere, to avoid doing exercise,[4] he is usually carried with a throne by some Minion Pigs, who, due to the monarch's weight, struggle to move. He is shown to be a very glutton person, eating everything in his sight, even plates.[16] King Pig loves sweets and desserts, and cannot resist eating them when he sees them. Once, he acted menacing to the Hocus Minion Pig for having sent him to other place, though he returned back to his usual behavior when he spotted a giant cake nearby.[20] Some other examples involve him falling on his own trap to catch the Cave Pig by eating the cakes the Cave Pig was supposed to eat, which resulted in him and Chef Pig being frozen;[14] and when he ate radioactive-looking candies with cockroaches on them.[21] He is also very selfish and greedy, not sharing anything to anyone. Once, he even stole a Minion Pig's lollipop to eat it himself. However, he left aside this persona to get a Christmas gift from Terence.[6]

"Minion pigs! Help me!"
King Pig, Angry Birds 2

King Pig is also very coward, being terrified of the presence of birds alone, and asking his henchmen for help. He was also very scared of an innocent, pink dog-like toy, and made every effort to stop it.[22] In addition, he once had nightmares of monsters surroundering him after Chronicler Pig told him a fairy tale.[23] However, he is also somewhat of a dreamer, thinking that he can be as good as a wrestler as his idol, El Porkador.[5] Another example of this was when he wanted to be a sheriff, but his cowardice made him quit and imprison himself to be safe.[13]

Behind his selfish, demanding persona, King Pig has a soft side. He likes sleeping with his teddy bear, and has had nightmares of it being in danger when he was not sleeping with it.[8] He is very sensible, crying in the middle of a battle with no effect. He dislikes being insulted, and feels uncomfortable whenever he is being portrayed as a disgusting person.[7]

Game appearances

Angry Birds (game)

King Pig's first appearance in the 3-21 level of Poached Eggs, from the original Angry Birds.

In the original Angry Birds, and its Chinese version, King Pig appears as an enemy, making his first appearance in the 3-21 level of Poached Eggs as a "boss", or in the fifteenth level of Tutorial in the newer versions of the game. He appears as a recurring enemy in all the following episodes of the game. During the various episodes of the game, the king steals the Angry Birds' eggs in various different ways to eat them. However, he is always defeated no matter what he does.

In gameplay, King Pig is the toughest of all the pigs, being able to survive small falls and being crushed by stone, though he can still be defeated quite easily with the toughest birds. Funnily enough, despite normally appearing as the largest enemy in the game, one level of Jurassic Pork has him in a very small size. Popping King Pig and the other pigs is needed to complete the levels. When the monarch is popped, the player will be awarded 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, and its Chinese version, King Pig appears as a recurring enemy, making his first appearance in a level in the 3-15 level of Trick or Treat, and appearing in all the following episodes of the game. While it was common to make him appear in the last levels of the episodes, this tradition seems to have faded away since 2014; for example, he appears as an enemy in the first level of Invasion of the Egg Snatchers, though he does not appear in the last one of said episode.

In gameplay, King Pig is an enemy that has to be popped to complete the levels. Similar to the original Angry Birds, he is the most resistant of all the pigs. In addition, it is common for him to appear wearing clothings that fit the theming of the episodes; for example, Christmas-themed episodes have him disguised as Santa Claus, while Ham Dunk and some levels of Pig Days feature him as a money-hungry businessman. However, none of these disguises protect him from any attacks. Popping King Pig and the other pigs is needed to complete the levels. When he is popped, the player will be awarded 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Friends


In Angry Birds Friends, King Pig is featured as a common enemy in most tournaments, as well as in Piggy Tower and the Star Cup. At first, he has his appearance from Angry Birds Chrome, though in 2020, he was given a more cartoonish appearance. In gameplay, he is an enemy that has to be popped to complete the levels, and the most resistant of all the pigs. When he is popped, the player will be awarded 5.000 points.

Angry Birds Space

In Angry Birds Space, King Pig is the main antagonist. Before the events of the game, he and his henchmen went to space at steal the eggsteroids from Ice Bird. When the extraterrestrial bird crash-landed on earth with an eggsteroid, near the Angry Birds' nest, King Pig used his UFO to grab a chunk of soil that had the eggsteroid and the flock's eggs and flee with them. However, his operations were thwarted by the Angry Birds, who rescued the eggsteroids and their own eggs.

In gameplay, King Pig appears as an actual boss in the last levels of Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Beak Impact 1 and 2, and Brass Hogs. In all of them, he is seen driving a contraption, which is normally his UFO.

Bad Piggies

In Bad Piggies, King Pig is a secondary protagonist. At the start of the events of the game, he, Mechanic Pig, and Ross found a construction set and a telescope. With the latter, he spotted the eggs on a hill, and told Mechanic Pig to make a map to get to them. However, Ross accidentally destroyed the map, and the monarch, not satisfied with this, forced him to gather all the pieces. After the pig did so, the three went to the eggs' suppose location, only to find no eggs. Then, they looked at the telescope again, and found the eggs in another place. Just as Mechanic Pig was about to make another map, King Pig adviced him to use a piece of wood instead. Ross made the map on a box as suggested, only to find out that it was a box of TNT, which exploded and sent all the pieces flying away as King Pig looked at him in dissaproval.

Later, King Pig managed to gather all the pieces of the map with the help of Ross and Mechanic Pig. They later went to the location of the eggs, only to find out that they were not there either, for the monarch's dissaproval. Then, it turned out that they were fooled by Jake, Jay and Jim, who painted eggs on the telescope to make it look like there were actually eggs whenever they were looking at. Furious, King Pig started to chase after his two minions as the Blues laughed out loud behind a bush.

Some time later, King Pig realized that the cake Chef Pig had baked for him was destroyed by Ross and Mechanic Pig, who were starving at the moment. However, his two minions gave him the reformed the game, and the monarch proceeded to eat it in satisfaction.

One night, King Pig, Ross and Mechanic Pig were the Angry Birds' nest, where the eggs were lying on as usual. Ross sneakily got one of the eggs and ran away with it to his allies. King Pig suggested to use use a vehicle to leave with it safely. After getting far enough from the birds, King Pig tried to smash the egg with a hammer. However, the latter breaks down, as it turned out that the Blues had painted egg-shaped rocks white to fool the pigs once again. Not happy with this, King Pig started to chase after Mechanic Pig and Ross.

One day, at his palace, King Pig found out that an statue was missing. To satisfy him, Ross adventured though some mountains and returned with a gigantic golden statue, surprising the monarch.

In gameplay, King Pig appears infrequently as a character the player can use for their vehicle. He occupies an area of 3x2, is very heavy, and can break down the player's vehicle quite easily due to this. In the few levels he is in, he is needed to be used to get one star. In addition, he can appear in some sandboxes as an optional object. While all of his appearances have him appearing as one standalone item, Field of Dreams has two hundred and fifty King Pigs to use.

Angry Birds Go!

King Pig is a playable racer in Angry Birds Go!; he is the fourth opponent in 1.0.0, and the sixth one in 2.0.0. In version 1, he is unlocked within Rocky Road, though version 2 simply has a page dedicated for his unlock, as does all other characters. Like the rest of the cast, King Pig appears in 3D for the first time, which allows him to be more expressive than before. King Pig' special ability is hovering over the stage using balloons. It can be used well, but King Pig will not be able to collect coins, splat fruit, or travel very high.

Angry Birds Epic


In Angry Birds Epic, King Pig ordered Wizpig and Prince Porky to steal the birds' eggs once more. A long time later, his minions appeared in his castle. While the monarch was expecting them to have the five eggs, Wizpig told him that they only had one egg remaining, dissapointing him. He then made several attempts in vain to stop the Angry Birds from breaking through Pig City. Later, he, Wizpig, and Prince Porky had a duel against the flock, though they were defeated.

In a sudden turn of events however, Wizpig stole King Pig's crown and the last egg, which made the king cry out loud while Porky cursed at the traitor and the Angry Birds were enraged. Then, they saw Wizpig flee to the Hog Head Mountains. A while later, the Angry Birds and Porky managed to defeat Wizpig and retrieve King Pig's crown and the fifth egg. They soon returned back to Pig City, where the monarch was given his crown and thanked the birds for their help. Later, he, Porky, the Angry Birds, and the Mighty Eagle looked at the sunset on a tree.

For most of the game, King Pig does not play a big role, though he is seen in the Battle lost! screen. During the battle against him in his castle, he is an enemy. His attacks are Burp, which does really low damage but blocks the Rage ability of the target, and Weeping Cry, where he charges for two turns and cries. This attack does not affect.


King Pig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png {{{HP}}}



Deals {{{1}}} damage and blocks target's rage ability for 2 turns.


Weeping Cry

Charge: 2 turns. The King cries and sobs. No effect at all! He's a wimp.



Passive: Increases all allies' attack power by 20%.

One of the three bosses of King Pig's Castle, the other two being Prince Porky and Wizpig.

Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Fight!

Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2, King Pig stole the eggs once again, though he was constantly pushed by the Angry Birds. Nevertheless, he always managed to survive and get away with it.

In gameplay, King Pig appears as one of the main bosses of the game, after Foreman Pig and before Chef Pig. He is notable larger than in other games, bigger than Terence himself. He is featured in the last zone of his own boss levels, and in some of the levels in King Pig Panic. In these levels, he will have a health gauge on top of the screen that represents his health. When he is damaged, bandaids will slowly appear on his body to represent that he is injured. To defeat him, the player has to deal enough damage to him to empty his health gauge. This can be done by crushing him with strong birds and stone. The most effective birds against him are Terence and Silver, though the latter of whom has to use her ability to damage him. In addition, he will be defeated instantly when he is thrown to a bottomless pit or when he is at the far left of the screen, due to the player being unable to shoot birds to the side. When he is defeated, all other pigs will be popped, and the player will have completed the level.

As well as being a boss, King Pig appears in many profile pictures that the player will unlock as they progress through the game. Some have him in his design from Angry Birds Chrome, while others have him in his design from Angry Birds Toons.

Angry Birds POP!

In Angry Birds POP!, King Pig was added as a boss in August 2016, replacing Gale. In gameplay, he appears in the "Defeat King Pig" levels, with some Minion Pigs. After the player manages to pop enough bubbles, King Pig will tell the Minion Pigs to shoot bubbles at random places of the screen. These can turn the bubbles into different colored bubbles covered in smoke. To defeat him, the player has to free six firefly-like creatures, similar to Stella's levels in the same game.

Powers and abilities

While not having any superhuman ability, King Pig is very durable, having survived explosions, falls, crashes, and even being crushed. He can also drive vehicles quite well.





  • In older Mattel games, King Pig was represented without his crown, and there was no crown accessory to use with him.
  • Despite his size, which is because of eating eggs, King Pig has never eaten any egg in his life, and does not want anybody else to learn about this fact because he fears that he will be forced out of the throne. To cover this, he eats fake eggs during ceremonies.[2]
  • Due to him being replaced with Leonard for the films, King Pig is one of the few characters that have never been given an anthropomorphic design.


  1. While most sources refer to him as "King Pig", other ones make use of the article the, thus naming him "the King Pig".


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