This article is about the Golden Egg level. If you are looking for the character, see King Pig.
King Pig

The level in the Golden Eggs section.

The Golden King Pig Level is located in the Golden Eggs section and is only available for iOS, Android and Blackberry Playbook's QNX. It is also available for the free version. To unlock it, three stars must be obtained on all levels from Poached Eggs to Birdday Party. An alternative method is to buy the apptivity. The King Pig apptivity toy can be used when playing a level to use it like the Golden Egg section. There are many features that include King Pig, Material Mix-Up, Bird Frenzy, and Total Destruction. At first, it was available exclusively to iPad, but on October 9th, 2012, the Golden King Pig Level had been updated for iPod Touch and iPhone apps and Android Apps via Google Play and PC.

Bad Piggies' Powers

  • Minion Pig: Does nothing but makes a battle cry: "Nyaaaaah!" (Takes the role for Red, the Red Bird)
  • Small Pigs: Splits into three (Takes the role for the Blue Bird Trio: Blue Jay, Blue Jake, and Blue Jim; AKA: The Blues)
  • Jetpack Pig/Pilot Pig: Speeds up (Takes the Role for Chuck, the Yellow Bird)
  • Corporal Pig: Explodes (Takes the role for Bomb, the Black Bird)
  • Bowling Ball Pig: Drops an exploding bowling ball (Takes the role for Matilda, the White Bird)
  • Beaked Pig: Boomerangs back (Takes the role for Hal, the Boomerang Bird)
  • Fat Pig: does nothing but make the same pitched battle cry as the Normal Pig, but has stronger strength to destroy most obstacles, even stone (Takes the role for Terence, the Big Brother Bird)
  • Balloon Pig: Inflates (Takes the role for Bubbles, the Orange Bird)
  • Female Pig: Produces bubbles to lift eggs and obstacles (Takes the role for Stella, the Pink Bird)


King Pig

In "King Pig", the birds turn into pigs and the pigs turn into eggs. You have to complete the level by destroying the eggs with your available pigs in the slingshot. The different ways that the pigs use to solve their problems with the unique abilities is humorous, two of them are even lucky to have a splitting ability like the Blues and a ballooning ability like the Orange Bird - the balloon pig even looks like a balloon. And who to simulate Terence than the Fat Pig from Angry Birds Space? The Bad Piggies are playable in this mode, and yes, they are still as the enemies (pigs) are replaced with eggs, which could possibly mean the Birds had decided to take the Bad Piggies' role by building forts to protect eggs. The pig with an exploding bowling ball resembles and takes the role for the White Bird, by dropping the bowling ball on the fort protecting the eggs. The Balloon Pig will inflate. The Pig with a bow on her head and blush from the Angry Birds Seasons episode of Hogs and Kisses produces bubbles like the Pink Bird. The Pig with a jetpack speeds up like the Yellow Bird. The Pig with a helmet contains a fuse on the helmet, enabling the Pig to explode like Bomb Bird. The Pig with a long, fake beak boomerangs back like the Green Boomerang Bird. The small pig is 3 small pigs.  The Minion Pig just cries Nyyyyyyyyyyyya!, the same thing happens with Fat Pig. This takes the role for Red Bird and Big Brother Bird. This was presumably before there was three eggs left on the island.

Material Mix-Up!

In "Material Mix-Up!", the game will switch some materials in the game for example: The materials in the level are glass, wood, and stone. The stone will either turn into glass or wood and the glass or wood will turn into stone, thus it can either make the level easier for the player or a lot harder, even almost impossible.

Bird Frenzy!

In "Bird Frenzy!", you will have unlimited birds and you have to complete the level in the amount of time it gives you. Normally the time limit in Bird Frenzy is between 30 seconds for most levels, 40 for some, 50 for others and 60 for a few lucky players.

Total Destruction!

In "Total Destruction!", you have to complete the level by tapping it to cause small explosions and you only have a limited amount of time to do so. Usually, the time limit is 10 seconds.


King Pig PC

On October 13, 2012, a user named You Tube Spanish Noseniloqueesunburro uploaded one of his first video called King Pig Pc Trailer, which looked like it would level the gameplay of King Pig on the computer and offered a full version program. Months later, that video caused a small furor on the internet and was forced to offer more, which created a second trailer. Now, these videos have respectively 75,000 and 200,000 views and the program is waiting for more than 250,000 people across the network. And on July 25, 2013, Noseniloqueesunburro announced by Twitter the planned release date for August 2013.

King Pig Angry Birds PC Trailer-1

King Pig Angry Birds PC Trailer-1

King Pig Pc Trailer 2-0

King Pig Pc Trailer 2-0


  • All the Pigs make the same launch noises, tap noises (battle cry, even when using a pig with an ability), and pain noises. Plus, in the King Pig mode, their victory sounds are the same sounds you normally hear when you fail a level. If you lose a level in the King Pig mode, you just hear a pig snort (The same one from the cutscenes).
  • If you complete a level, the King Pig cries in the minigames "Material Mix Up", "Bird Frenzy", and "Total Destruction", while the King Pig laughs in the minigame "King Pig". The opposite happens if you fail a level.
  • Some of the pigs used in the King Pig level are debatable.
    • It is unknown how the Fat Pig got from Space to the Angry Birds world. However, the Fat Pig in Angry Birds Space has a different spot pattern from the King Pig Mode Fat Pig, so this Fat Pig may be the Space Fat Pig's Earth counterpart, or it just may be a very large Pig.
    • It is unknown how the Small Pig and the Balloon Pig got the Blues' and Bubbles' abilities. It may be possible that there were three Small Pigs lined up on the slingshot, and split up when the ability is used.
    • And for the Balloon Pig, it may be just a balloon shaped like a Pig. Its face movements and sounds may be a illusion, like King Pig's cardboard cutout. Or like Fat Pig, it might be possible that the Balloon Pig is the Earth counterpart of the puffed-up Bad Piggies from Pig Dipper, because of the new power-up.
  • There were 10 pigs at first (not the female pig), then they got a new pig direct from Hogs and Kisses for Pink Bird, causing 'the sty' to have 11 Bad Piggies.
  • The Pork Side levels in Angry Birds Star Wars II are quite similar to the King Pig Level's gameplay.
  • The Jet-pack Pig looks like Monty, a pig from Angry Birds Epic.