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The King of Piggy Island is a position that was created a very long time ago prior to the events of Angry Birds. Although a lot of monarchs have ruled the island, only two are known. The king is the supreme commander of The Porkchop Express and the Piggy Air Force, as well as the island's army. A list of known kings is shown here.

The king is commonly referred to as His Majesty.

Note: Leonard's ancestors are not shown due to being unknown, but they soon will after an extensive renovation.


Piggy Island has always been ruled by a monarch, and the primary objective of that monarch was to rule over the land.  However, at some point the purpose had evolved to include stealing eggs from their enemies, the birds. Ever since the late King Mudbeard ordered the Raid on the Eggs, the pigs have made countless attempts at stealing them.

The current king, Smoothcheeks, has been the commander of a conflict known as the Great Egg War. He has built multiple fortresses and devised elegant plans in order to steal it, but the birds have always been able to outsmart them.

List of rulers

Name Image Consort Image
Leonard Mudbeard

(King Mudbeard)

ABMovie Leonard
Unknown(King Pig's mother) Motherofkingpig

(King Pig)

ABPop King Pig Character
Cabbage "Queen Pig" (briefly)

Unidentified Kings

There were a few portraits of kings and queens that have been noted of, but since their names are unknown, they will not be shown. This may change in the future.


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