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King of the Castle is the thirty-fourth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on November 3, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

Chef Pig and King Pig engage in a crazy sandcastle competition. Who will win?



On a sunny day at the beach, where some pigs enjoyed the day and doing something like playing a beach ball, a Minion Pig accidentally hits King Pig with a beach ball, but he did not notice it as he was too distracted in making his first little sandcastle, but the half of it slid off. Still, he was proud of his work.

However, when he saw Chef Pig also made his first little sandcastle with some shells and decorations around it, he was shocked and got angry easily because the minion pigs were impressed by his nice sandcastle. King Pig's two pigs were also impressed at his castle, causing King Pig to call for their attention.

Once he got them to his side, King Pig ordered them to make a better sandcastle, just to see Chef Pig make an even bigger sandcastle, who just finished squirting a wall with sand gel. This just made King Pig have his minions build an even bigger sandcastle, complete with a big crown on it. Just as he was about to taunt Chef Pig with his sandcastle, he realized that Chef Pig made a small replica of Pig City already.

Knowing what King Pig expected them to do, the minion pigs called an entire construction team to help make the largest sand structure, which when finished turned out to be a life-sized replica of King Pig's castle. Once Chef Pig saw King Pig's latest sandcastle, he was dejected but then saw a huge wave coming towards the beach, which proceeded to demolish King Pig's castle, much to his amusement.

When King Pig and Chef Pig finally got out of the water on an inflatable raft, King Pig cried as his sandcastle was flattened but then saw a fish in his bucket. Just as King Pig became happy with it, Chef Pig caught an even bigger fish, resulting in a fishing battle which resulted in Chef Pig getting the largest catch by the time the camera shot.

In the credits, King Pig can be heard laughing.



  • In the title card, King Pig's little sandcastle has a purple flag on top of it but at 0:14, there is no purple flag on the top of the said sandcastle.
  • At 1:12, King Pig has four teeth compared to three teeth at 1:08.


  • A coconut smoothie that Chef Pig held is also similar in the episode Off Duty when Red was taking a vacation at the beach.
  • In this episode, King Pig cried, but without his tears.


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King Pig and Chef Pig engage in a Sandcastle Battles, who will win?

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