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Knights of the BBQ is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description[]

As the brave Knights of Blue practice their archery, they awaken a fearsome dragon. The Blues rally and charge forth to protect their home from the fire-breathing beast.


Greg throws a lit match at his barbecue grill, the coal catches into fire, meaning that the grill is ready, he gets happy. Meanwhile, Jake and Jim are playing sword fight and Jay is watching. Jay shows his wooden sword but it's upside down, Jake fixes the position.Then, Jake and Jim get Toy Horses and run with the swords, Jay only keeps watching.

Jake and Jim fight a cardboard dragon, Jay runs with his toy horse, but slips and falls into the grass, his brothers are confused, he then tries again, but falls into the grass, but this time, it is with the bucket. Jake and Jim show bows, then, the three are seen aiming it at the cardboard dragon with plungers, Jake and Jim  hit the dragon, but Jay is still aiming. Jay shoots, but the plunger falls into grass, he picks the plunger and aims again, but it falls next to him again.

He shoots everytime, but it only hits the grass, he aims the bow correctly, but it hits his father's barbecue grill and it starts rolling to the dragon, it fits into the dragon, which makes it look like the dragon spitting fire. Jay gets scared and runs away, his brothers get their horses again and, both jump, but the sword gets stuck into the dragon.

Jay shoots his sword by the bow, but it falls into the floor, he then aims concentrated, but it catapults him to the back and he is then launched by a party wire, which he hits the dragon and defeats it, his brothers get happy and commemotate. Greg then comes in with burgers on a plate, he is going to put a burger on the grill, but he notices that the grill is gone, he then sees his sons beating the grill and then gets shocked, making the burgers slip off the plate.


  • This is the first time Greg is seen cooking burgers, second and last is Hypno Daze.


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