Kumiko is a bird in Angry Birds Evolution that can be obtained at any time in the hatchery. She is a Yellow Birds that belongs to a group of Small Birds.


Kumiko and her best friend Charlotte are two very cute peas in a pod but as the old saying goes: street angel house devil Charlotte’s parents are still settling a civil suit with the chick sitter for the loss of her feathers while Kumiko’s parents haven’t been able to find great grandmother in months! Best friend: Charlotte



She is a small round yellow bird with short yellow wings and tiny grayish purple feet. She also has large eyes with purple irises the same eyelids and long eyelashes, light belly, purple feather tail, small purple eyebrows and purple hair with two buns.


Her eyes become angrier, two small brown spots appear under her eyes. A huge lush raspberry bow with a gold round buckle appears on the chest. Hair grows longer on the head, and a diadem with a red gem is worn underneath. Long braids appear behind. On the enlarged "cones" appear red gems with a silver frame.



Dash through enemies, dealing 46 damage and tagging them for guarnteed ciritical his next turn.


Dash through enemies, dealing 60 damage and tagging them for guarnteed ciritical his next turn.

Leader Skill

Damage Bonus Yellow

All yellow birds in team get +30% attack power.


As her rarity is a bit low, her strength is not so good, but she can be evolved or (and) then awakened to become stronger, Totems and Runes can also help


  • The evolution is a reference to the character of Usagi Tsukino from the anime Sailor Moon.
  • She once saved a pig and became famous, as stated on a newspaper cutout seen in the Thanksgiving Event 2017 Loading Screen (Artwork).


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