in: Angry Birds Evolution/Birds

She is a character in Angry Birds Evolution, which can only be obtained in the hatchery on special events like Flockaballoza. It is a Yellow Bird and belongs to the group of tall birds .


This pop diva sensation has invented herself multiple times and managed to infuse her catchy pop tunes with a message to bring birds and pigs together at last. So far it hasn’t worked as the war between the two continues, but at least they are grooving while punching.


Finding her unique style again and again, this pop diva performs sticky songs that encourage birds and pigs to live together. So far, the call has not worked, as the war between them continues. But now they, at least, are fighting in the rhythm of the dance!

Additional Abilities

Leader Bonus (“Damage Bonus: High”): Increases the attack of all tall birds in a team by 30%.

Super shot  (“Star Exit”) (available in 4 turns): a star surrounded by an aura of music, elegantly sweeps through the rows of pigs, inflicting a huge number of damage units within the radius of the aura.

Interesting Facts

  • Lady Bacon’s first evolution is probably a reference to Lady Gaga’s meat dress, in which she appeared at the 27th MTV Video Music Awards 2010.
  • She is actually a reference to the music artist Sia.



Lady Bacon feat

Lady Bacon feat. Lazerbaijan - (Spread My) Bacon Wings

Lady Bacon feat. Lazerbaijan - (Spread My) Bacon Wings

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