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Lake of Wisdom

The "Lake of Wisdom" from The Angry Birds Movie.

The Lake of Wisdom (also nicknamed the Lake of Whiz by Red) is a lake located in front of the Mighty Eagle's cave, at Bird Island. When Mighty Eagle stayed at the cave right above the lake, he commonly urinated in it.


The lake is a large lake which has multiple pools at its end which pours its excess water into. Its water sparkles due to it having been laced with Mighty Eagle's urine. To the left of the lake (from Mighty Eagle's point of view) is a large rock and his former nest.

Media Appearances[]

Bomb chuck water

Bomb and Chuck spitting the lake's water back and forth.

The Angry Birds Movie[]

After discovering the Mighty Eagle's cave, Red, Chuck, and Bomb saw the legendary lake. Chuck and Bomb then rushed to the sparkling water and gargled, swam in and drank the water of the lake, much to Red's displeasure. After hearing the footsteps of Mighty Eagle, they looked up in awe at the legendary hero, before discovering he actually urinates in the lake, much to their disgust. Mighty Eagle then noticed the trio and called them up to his cave, where they saw his stuff and sang a song dedicated to him. A few hours after this meeting, the pigs started to steal the eggs.

Game Appearances[]

Angry Birds Seasons[]

Pig Days - The Eagle's Den (along with the cave)

Angry Birds Reloaded[]

The Lake of Wisdom was the main location of the second chapter of Angry Birds Reloaded, named When Birds Fly.


  • The lake is the highest source of liquid on Bird Island.
  • Red even describes this lake as, "The Lake of Whiz" since the Mighty Eagle had urinated it.


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