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For the Angry Birds Toons episode of a similar name, see Last Tree Standing.

Last Bird Standing is the twelfth episode of the second season of Angry Birds Stella and the twenty-fifth overall. It premiered on February 26, 2016.

Toons.TV Description[]

Ok, this is really happening. The stone situation is really taking a toll on the flock's food supply. Princess Gale to the rescue? No, that can't be right.


The episode begins right after the events of "Premonition". Stella tried to find some food, but all she found was petrified fruits. Willow asked if Stella found anything, and she shook her head sadly. At first, the two were about to give up, then Stella saw something sparkling behind the petrified bushes. She took a closer look and she found a pineapple, unaffected by the curse. Both Stella and Willow are bursting with joy for what they've found, quickly returning to the flock. The screen then gestures to the treehouse from afar.

At the beach, Dahlia, Poppy, Luca and 2 other unaffected creatures are waiting for their friends. Dahlia is studying the petrified plants and writing down everything she knows of. She then looks at Poppy and Luca, who are playing under a petrified palm tree. Poppy gives Luca a first-aid bandage and Luca climbs up onto the tree. He puts the bandage on a leaf, which was split in half, and try to put it together. This seems to work at first, and Luca celebrates. But it was ineffective, and the little hatchling falls through the slit. Luca face plants onto the sand, causing Poppy to laugh. The leaf then falls on Poppy, which makes Luca laughs back. Dahlia eye-rolled at their silliness, but when she was going back to work, she hears Stella's call from a distance.

Stella and Willow returned from the forests and 2 creatures rushed towards the two. While Willow cooed over the adorable creatures, Stella took out from her bag: a pineapple! The hungry Poppy, Luca and Dahlia's eyes quickly lit up and the flock gathered around a flat rock (similarly to a table). The camera quickly zooms out and a telescope view is visible, revealing Gale behind it. She smirks and picks up a white flower from her golden vase. She then calls out for Handsome Pig, who was already holding the Golden Egg, ready for service. Gale takes the Egg and smiled evilly while dragging the flower near it, preparing to petrify it.

The scene transitions to Poppy. Just as she was about to eat the yummy pineapple slice, the cockatiel almost broke her beak because of it suddenly freezes into stone. Gale laughs while Poppy cried of agony. She makes puppy eyes towards Luca, who tried to dispose of his food, only for the pineapple slice-shaped rock to break his beak. Then Dahlia's, the two creatures' and Willow's pineapple slice was quickly turned to stone. Stella's slice remained, knowing what will happen, she hides it and laughs nervously. The flock however, was quick to approach the pink bird. They starts to fight for the last piece of food, Poppy takes first place but Luca jumps in, only to get kicked out by Willow, who was pushed away by Dahlia. At that moment, Stella flies in and reclaim her food. Just when she thought she won, the pink bird's beak was almost broken when she chews down on her food. Gale laughs, places the last flower into her vase and returns to her castle with Handsome Pig follows, albeit clumsily.

Turns out, no one won at all and the flock collapses into a pile of birds.

Meanwhile, Gale walks down the castle lounge with party tables, serves with fruits on golden plates. The violet bird walks down an aisle and seems displeased to see Stella's picture incorrectly placed at the end. She grabs it with her beak, replaces Handsome Pig's picture and put Stella's next to Gale beautifully framed portrait.

Back at the beach, the flock are desperate when their last piece of food was all gone. Luca breaks down and cries, with Willow comforting the hatchling. Just as when Stella didn't know what to do, Gale suddenly appears with a large golden throne. The flock huddled close and Willow pushed Luca behind them to protect him. Stella scowled and grunts at Gale, as if asking: "What do you want?". The pigs carried the golden throne closer to Stella, Handsome Pig falling off in the process. Gale looks at her and the pigs move sideways, revealing 5 seats behind her, with portraits of each of the birds on each seats. (From left to right: Dahlia, Willow, Luca, Poppy and Stella.)

Luca runs towards the golden throne, but Stella stops him in his track by pulling his tail. Willow then steps in front of him to prevent him from running off again. Skeptical, Stella gives a hostile stare and only received a smirk from Gale. The latter turns around and revealed a fresh banana to the flock. Of course, they were all entranced by the delicious fruit. Gale peels the banana and eats it in front of them, really enjoying it. Poppy is the quickest to fall for Gale's trick. She drools and begs for food, Gale then offered her a pineapple. She uses the pineapple to coax Poppy into sitting on her throne. Without a second thought, Poppy hops onto the throne, snatches the pineapple and chews down on it. Luca and Willow are still hesitate but they were quickly pulled away by some tasty cherries. They both jumped onto the throne, despite Stella's warning. Dahlia pretends to write and takes notes, while in reality, this is just a clever way for the owl to ignore her friend's pleas. She sits on the throne and is given a watermelon, of course, how could Dahlia decline such offer. And with that, Stella is the only one left.

Gale uses a raspberry to persuade Stella, but she refused. Unfazed, Gale uses a whole crate full of fruits. Driven by hunger, Stella is about to give in. But that's when she sees her friends turning on her, and she sighs. Gale moves her beak as if yelling:" Don't you want the fruit?! ". However, Stella's willpower prevents her from succumbing into the trick. Gale tries to take her by force but Stella stands her ground.  At first, Gale seems angry but she then cracks a cocky smile and walks away. The violet bird demands her pigs to return to the castle and they carry the golden throne away, along with all of Stella's flock. Stella couldn't do anything but looking at her friends hopelessly. She turns around, sadness fills her teary eyes and Stella goes back to the treehouse by herself.

Night falls. Stella creates a campfire and wraps a cozy blanket to keep warm. She looks back at Gale's castle and sees how her friends having fun without her. Though, there is one who can't have fun at all. Gale seems impatient because Stella hasn't show up. She walks outside of the castle balcony and sees Stella sleeping in her blanket on her own without feeling sad. And if Gale can't bring Stella to her castle, she'll make her friend come there herself. After turning a flower into gold, in turn petrifying the campfire, Stella soon feels the cold but that didn't bother her much. Angrily, Gale demands another vase of flowers and petrifies the rest of the treehouse. The treehouse starts to fall apart, causing multiple debris to collapse. Realizing the danger, Stella tries to evade the treehouse's petrified parts falling on her head and barely escaped it.

With nowhere to go, Stella have no choice to go to Gale's castle. While waiting for her friend to come, Gale hears a knock on her door. Just when a minion pig tries to answer the door, Gale pushes it out of her way. She can't hide the excitement, but tries to make a fancy pose. As expected, Stella is at the door and Gale welcomes her in. However, unbeknown to Stella, Gale herself already have something in store for the flock. She closes in the door while giggling evilly, ending the episode on a cliffhanger.

Characters (in order of appearance)[]


  • The name of this episode comes from the phrase "Last Man standing".
  • This is a milestone episode. This is the 25th episode of Stella Toons.
  • This is the 2nd episode of any toons to feature Last _____ standing. The 1st is in Angry Birds Toons where the episode Last Tree Standing is included.


Coming soon.

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