For the Angry Birds Stella episode of a similar name, see Last Bird Standing.

Last Tree Standing is the eleventh episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the eighty-ninth overall. It premiered on December 18, 2015.

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Oh, Christmas tree. OH! THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!


The episode begins off with Chuck putting a star on the Christmas tree, but however, it falls and collapses except for the star. Then he saw a big tree and decided to get it.

Meanwhile in Pig City, King Pig is eating candy, then the minion pigs pull down a red blanket which is a wooden tree  with candles, yellow ornaments and a cardboard star which catches into fire. Foreman Pig comes and puts a stalk Christmas Tree with candles, they extingue, King Pig gets bored but then notices a big decorated tree and decides to steal the tree from the birds.

Bomb , Jay, Jake and Jim come with ornaments and Christmas lights, Red and Matilda are watching Chuck putting the star on the big Christmas tree, when Matilda will put  a holly, the minion pigs chop down the tree which makes her, Red and Bomb shocked at the tree chopped down

Chuck notices that the minion pigs are pushing the tree really fast. He had an idea where he puts the star on a branch and then everything flies. The tree lands on a cliff which falls.

The birds open presents with Matilda getting a plant, The Blues get a toy slingshot, King Pig gets a pair of nunchucks and Chuck gets a cabbage. Chuck disliked his present so he threw his present to King Pig, and in exchange, threw his nunchucks to Chuck. The birds and pigs together have a happy Christmas.



  • The name of this episode comes from the phrase "Last man standing".
  • The gifts gave to Angry Birds and Pigs are:
  • When Chuck ran to the big tree, some snow hit the screen.
  • This is the seventh time that all the first five flock members have an appearance together. The first is Off Duty, the second is Run Chuck Run, the third is The Bird That Cried Pig, the fourth is Hiccups, the fifth is Sink or Swim, and the sixth is Super Bomb!
  • There was a difference between The Flock's christmas tree and the King Pig's christmas tree. The reason is that in the area where the birds stay are the forest area or some area occupied by small grasses. In the King Pig's territory, there are only some trees. It maybe that the pigs could not even find a perfect tree for King Pig. So the pigs might had chopped the trees and was not perfect and they chopped the woods of the trees and made the wooden christmas tree without the leaves.
  • This was the fourth episode to show King Pig eating candies that are christmas treats. The first being Night of the Living Pork , second being Sweets of Doom, and third being Porcula.
  • This is the twelth episode the whole episode takes place at night. First was Pig Talent, the second was Thunder Chuck, the third was Hamshank Redemption, and the fourth was Nighty Night Terence, the fifth was Piggy Wig, the sixth was Jingle Yells, the seventh was Operation Opera, the eighth is Bomb's Awake, and the ninth is Joy To The Pigs, the tenth is Sleep Like A Hog, and the eleventh is Didgeridork.
  • This is the 1st episode in any toons to feature the words ''Last _____ Standing''. The 2nd is in Stella Toons where there is Last Bird Standing.


  • When the star falls on the tree, the star is not properly on the tree, it looks like the star is in front of the top of the tree.


Angry Birds Toons Last Tree Standing - S3 Ep11-2

Angry Birds Toons Last Tree Standing - S3 Ep11-2

Oh, Christmas tree. OH! THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!


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