Lazer Bird
Lazer bird
Abilities Lock on target
First Appearance Level 1-20
Gender Male
Species Canary
Locations Most Levels
Strength Normal
Size Medium

   Lazer Bird is the classic Chuck, but purple in color instead of yellow. In the game, Lazer Bird's abilities are similar to Chuck, with a slightly different control method. Instead of the player tapping the screen to increase speed, tapping now chooses a directional target. Lazer Bird will turn at a sharp angle and accelerate toward the chosen target, ignoring gravity until hitting something. However, he cannot follow a moving target. His goggles resemble those of Cyclops.

In the game, cutscenes, the loading screen, and for the plush toy, Lazer Bird has a cape. He originally only had a lightning bolt tail, but it was removed and he was wearing a cape in the second Red Planet update. 

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