Leonard (King Mudbeard)
ABMovie Leonard.png
Gender Male
Species Pig
Size Large
Abilities Absolute power, Supreme command
Strength Unknown
First appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Latest appearance The Angry Birds Movie 2
Voiced by Bill Hader

Leonard, or King Mudbeard, or Chuckles, is a pig that appears in the series and mainly the first movie, The Angry Birds Movie. He is a bearded pig mentioned in the comics who later appeared as the main antagonist of The Angry Birds Movie who lead the other green pigs in stealing the eggs from Bird Island under the guise of being peaceful explorers. In the film and its sequel, he is voiced by Bill Hader. He returns as a deuteragonist in the second film.

King Pig (Smoothcheeks) is his son that now rules Pig City[1]


Personal Data

  • Name: Leonard
  • Known Aliases: King Mudbeard or Chuckles
  • Group Affiliation: Bad Piggies
  • Allies: Pigs
  • Family Members: King Pig (son) The great Piggy Kings of the past (ancestors)
  • Voiced By: Bill Hader


Mudbeard appeared as a green anthropomorphic pig in a chubby build with dark green thick brows and a full beard. He also has black eyes. He first appears without a crown. Later when he steals most of the eggs along with the Pigs and to be taken in Piggy Island. Mudbeard was seen wearing a crown on his head adorned with rubies and sapphires as opposed to only several sapphire gems. His first outfit is a white pair of briefs where he was taking a bath. His second outfit is his red sporty attire (A parody of Adidas) and third and final outfit, Leonard only wore his royal red ermine robe with a white-and-black fur-trimmed collar as well as his royal crown, at his coronation.


King Mudbeard in full regalia presenting the eggs.

Mudbeard seemed to be very controlling, as demonstrated when he interacts with Ross, shaming him for messing up their entrance on Bird Island. He has no fears or doubts when going onto Bird Island and greets the Birds with confidence, and makes his entrance loud and obvious.

His positive and negative traits include being kind, dizzy, selfless, meek, sweet, intelligent, wise, silly, devious, aggressive, evil, murderous, power-hungry and violent.

Leonard's description from the Lego website:

Take an international ambassador, and combine it with a used car salesman, that’s Leonard. He is charming and charismatic, he speaks with confidence and enthusiasm, and he just might be full of baloney and hogwash, depending on who you ask. But with a personality like that, you can’t help but fall for his charm.

During their stay at Bird Island as his plans of stealing the Eggs is ready to engage, he was shown to be obsessed with just one Egg as he imagines himself with an Egg. He also noticed Red's suspicions about his plans of stealing the Eggs as he makes Red as his enemy which they are seen fighting for the egg which would later hatch Jay, Jake, and Jim as Red manages to outsmart him before the Pig Palace exploded. It was later revealed he survived the attack and danced to "I Will Survive" with Ross and the survivors of the battle.

His rivalry with the birds ended after he had no choice but teaming up with them and embarking on an assault to shut the cannon of Eagle Island. However, it seems that after a time, his rivalry restarted some years after the assault, teaching a lesson to his son, that the birds are enemies and their eggs must be stolen.

His personality on The Angry Birds Movie 2's official website:

Leonard is the charming, folksy and charismatic king of Piggy Island. When this larger-than-life personality arrives at Red’s doorstep with a story about a third island with a plan to destroy life on both their islands, Red has no choice but to trust him. Still, Leonard remains narcissistic and manipulative, as he and Red jockey for control of the team they’ve assembled.


Angry Birds Classic

Leonard appears on level 21 of Bird Island, piloting the Porkchop Express. He as the same strength as King Pig. His appearance is reused from the same character. He has more sprites in the files, but the sprites weren't used because they were edited sprites of King Pig from Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Seasons

Leonard appears in the Pigs Arrive! level of Pig Days, where he appears on the

Angry Birds Seasons Leonard.png

conveyor belt of the Porkchop Express, alongside Ross, which is a normal pig without freckles. He has the same strength as a large pig because he is a normal large pig with a beard. He also appears on the icon.  He then reappears on level 1-2 and 2-3 of Piggywood Studios, but he is King Pig with the same beard and has the same strength. It was chosen as King Pig because it's based on the battle scenes from The Angry Birds Movie.

Angry Birds POP!

He once appeared in Angry Birds POP! as a pig that replaced normal pigs during the Movie Event, but now he appears sometimes in the Wanted Pigs event, where he is named Hams Grubber and a reward is given upon defeating him.

Angry Birds 2

As part of The Angry Birds Movie 2 event, Leonard was introduced into the game as an Extra "Bird" alongside

Leonard in angry birds 2.png

Stella, Hal, and Bubbles. His ability in this game is to launch a snot bomb at his target, which then sends him flying in the opposite direction (like Hal). This is similar to Matilda's egg-laying ability, with the key difference being that Leonard's ability can be aimed in directions other than straight down. Additionally, Leonard can use this ability three times. However, he instantly pops upon collision, probably referencing the other pigs.  As with the other Extra Birds, he has his Unlocking Event in which he automatically becomes playable after six days but can be unlocked sooner if the player collects 60,000 Snotty Feathers.

Angry Birds Friends!

Leonard in ABF.png

Leonard appears in the Prank Wars Tournament as a boss. He has a new appearance in this game, making it more close to his movie appearance and not close to normal pigs, different from the other designs. He also often appears with his crown and/or binocle.

He is a hard to defeat boss like the other boss pigs, but he doesn't need to be defeated to complete the level.

Angry Birds Fight!

Leonard appears as a monster pig on an event that can be found and fought, along with Minion Pig. Despite the game using the Toons Designs,

Leonard Pig.png

Leonard uses a Toon Movie design, without the lack of hooves and larger torso. He is named ''Leonard Pig''.


In the game, like as said above, he appeared in events for the movie as a normal and Awesome Version, where he is golden, and events for his Happy version, in which he wears a cake hat, like Happy Minion Pig. He has the following health for his three versions:

  • (Normal) Leonard Pig: 1500 ABFight HP.png
  • Awesome Leonard Pig: 4250 ABFight HP.png
  • Happy Leonard Pig:  4250 ABFight HP.png

Depending on the health of the Birds' ship, attack and defense boost, the player can defeat Leonard, this happens with all monster pigs.

Angry Birds Football

Leonard appears in the comments, where he is named King Pig, he talks about his team's

ABFootball KingPig.png

progress and often puts the fault in the birds for lost matches, saying that they cheated to win.

His social media nickname in the game is ''@Sus_Viridus_Rex''.

 Angry Birds Dice

Leonard appears in the game as an unlockable and playable character, along with his trusty assistant, Ross. He could

ABMovie Leonard-0.png

also be fought as a boss.


As the game is monopoly-like, the player has to roll the dice and make a determined number of steps until a point is hit, which the player gains property over something or fall into a trap. For more details about the gameplay, see here. He has also his power that can be activated, but it's unknown as the game was cancelled.

The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure

Leonard appears in the game as a playable character that helps in missions.



Behind the scenes

I grew up with a framed pencil drawing of a marble bust of a Roman Emperor, Caracalla, which was hanging in my family house in Rome. The drawing was made by one of my great-grandfathers at the end of the 19th century. While growing up I dreamt of one day being able to draw that well. While drawing Mudbeard for Angry Birds, I designed his beard as a specific tribute to that drawing.
— Francesca Natale, character designer

According to The Art of the Angry Birds Movie, Francesca R. Natale, the character designer for The Angry Birds Movie, decided to design Leonard such that he would resemble the Roman emperor, Caracalla, reflecting upon her Italian heritage. Though based on the Emperor, he doesn't have beard to the snout.


One of King Smoothcheeks' facts as shown in the official guide, stating King Mudbeard is his father. This is the oldest known source to mention him, even older than the Angry Birds Movie.

  • He is the second pig to have an actual name (excluding King Pig, etc., pigs that use occupation + pig as their appearance). The first is Little Timmy, the third is Ross, the fourth is Earl, the fifth is Bobo The Bulky, the sixth is Patsy, the seventh is Don Bacon, eighth is Garry and ninth is Courtney.
  • His voice sounds very similar to the voice actor Jim Cummings. He is voiced by Bill Hader, who based his voice on the voice of his high-school football coach.
  • He is the second known pig to be king. The first is King Pig.
  • Leonard's friends are known to call him Chuckles.
  • In the storyboards of The Movie, Leonard was merely a short pig without a beard. Ross was bigger than him and would have translated what he was saying in symbols.[2]
  • His Snot Bomb ability on Angry Birds 2 is probably a reference to the Snot Nose Leonard toy, or vice-versa.


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