Level S-3 (Angry Birds Space)
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Level Number Space Egg 3
Birds Sequence Egg spaceEgg spaceEgg spaceEgg space
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3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 62,000 points
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Level S-3 is the third Space Egg levels in Angry Birds Space. You must collect all stars in level 1-21 to 1-30 in Pig Bang.


  • The hardest point in this level is bring the pebbles down to the rightmost atmosphere.
  • Getting 3 stars can be either very easy or insanely hard if you pass this level, depending on how much destruction was done.


Send the first Space Egg down into the pile of pebbles so they shoot up and come to a rest above the pigs structure. Repeat this with a second Space Egg in the another pile of pebbles. Assuming that you have a nice row of pebbles above the pigs structure, send another Space Egg and detonate it directly above them. This should send the pebblesrs into the pigs structure, taking them out. if you lucky enough, it's the pebbles can detonate the TNT to get more some points.


Angry Birds Space S-3 Pig Bang Bonus Level Walkthrough

Angry Birds Space S-3 Pig Bang Bonus Level Walkthrough

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