Lights Out
Episode number 14
Air Date July 17, 2015
Written by Philippe Rolland
Directed by Philippe Rolland
Birds Unknown
Pigs Unknown
Grand Opening Tipping Point

Lights Out is the fourteenth episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work. It is was aired on July 17, 2015.

Toons. TV Description

How many pigs does it take to screw in a lightbulb? We may never find out.


Pre-plot note

The instances of when the light goes out are numbered. The pigs will also be given nicknames to aid identity:

  • "Pig 1" is working with the hammer.
  • "Pig 2" is working with the drill.
  • "Pig 3" is working with the saw.


Three pigs are working when the light flickers. They wonder what was going on, they then continue working.

  1. Then the light goes out. The pigs are wondering what happened. Pig 3 accidentally knocks a tool bucket over, causing the pigs to giggle. The light goes back on, and they continue working.
  2. It flickers and goes out again. Pig 2 startles Pig 3, then the pigs laugh again. Then the light turns back on.
  3. The bulb dies for the third time, and the pigs fool around in the dark: Pig  3 jumps up and down, Pig 2 swings his face left and right, and Pig 1 laughs.The light turns back on again. The right two of Pig 1's wooden boards fall down as Pig 1 hits the third board from the right (now the board on the right). 
  4. The light goes out again, and the pigs hysterically fool around in the dark again: Pig 1 swings from the light, Pig 2 dives into the box he's working on, and Pig 3 makes a single spin.
  5. The light turns on to show Pig 2 holding the drill backward, then the bulb immediately dies. The pigs get even more hysterical: Pig 1 makes a backflip, Pig 2 walks off the right and comes back onscreen to the left, and Pig 3 swings in place. 

Comical music plays, then a fourth pig appears. He is on a stack of crates, switching the dying lightbulb with a new one. As soon as he finishes fixing the light, he leaves. Then the construction pigs get an idea and close their eyes to simulate the darkness. The screen goes black for a moment, then a party appears, with Pig 1 again swinging from the lightbulb while making Tarzan calls, Sam sitting in his helmet and rocking back and forth, and Pig 3 pretending to rock out like his saw is a guitar.


Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Lights Out"

Piggy Tales Pigs at Work - "Lights Out"

Hey, what happens to the lights?!

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