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The lightsaber is an object that appears in the Angry Birds Star Wars series. It is a mass-produced cold weapon used by members of the Bird and Pork sides.



A blue-bladed lightsaber, from Angry Birds Star Wars.

The lightsaber is composed on a metal hilt and a long, plasma-made sable. The color of the blade depends on its user's affiliation; if they are affiliated with the Bird Side, the lightsaber blade will be blue-colored, or green-colored for Jedi Masters. On the other hand, Pork Side members' lightsabers would be red-colored. Despite this, some characters may have special lightsabers; for example, Mace Windu has a purple-colored saber, while Darth Maul wields a dual-bladed Lightsaber.

Features and abilities

Denominated an unbelievably powerful weapon,[1] the lightsaber has demonstrated to be extremely useful in battles; with just one hit from it, the victim will be electrocuted and paralyzed until they die. It also can cut through glass and wooden-made materials with no problem, and significantly damage metallic objects. With some training, the wielder can also use the lightsaber to send back laser shots from their enemies.

Despite this, the lightsaber still has its flaws. If it is turned on and off at a fast pace multiple times, it will stop working. However, it will work again after a couple of seconds.[2]

Game appearances

Angry Birds Star Wars series

Angry Birds Star Wars

In Angry Birds Star Wars, the lightsaber appears as a weapon used exclusively by Luke Skywalker, though Darth Vader also uses it in many boss battles.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, the lightsaber is a weapon that is used in gameplay by Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Anakin Episode II, Mace Windu, and Luke in the Bird Side, and by Darth Maul, General Grievous, and The Inquisitor in the Pork Side.

Angry Birds Space

In Angry Birds Space, Darth Maul's lightsaber makes a cameo with him next to Pig Dipper in the main menu, to promote the release of Angry Birds Star Wars II.



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