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Title Card Episode Name Description Airdate on TV
New Day.png
New Day After last season's startling conclusion, Stella is really missing Gale. The other birds (sensibly) don't feel the same way. Stella finds a friend who understands, but this friendship might be more than she bargained for. October 9, 2015
Friends Whenever.png
Friends Whenever An "injured" Gale is nursed back to "health" with some help from her old friends. Without the all-powerful crown, and accompanying army of piggies, the flock can finally get back to the way things were in the good old days! Right? October 9, 2015
Night of the Bling.jpeg
Night of the Bling A mysterious tribe of piggies is crashing the Halloween festivities on Golden Island! Their infectious grooves are causing everyone to walk on the pig side – even the birds! Someone's got to snap them out of it! October 23, 2015
Step It Up.jpeg
Step It Up Sometimes, the things we want seem to be just out of reach. Luckily for those times we can turn to our parkour skills – or at least that's what Stella does! However, often the most elegant solution is the most simple one. One that say a certain young blue bird could even grasp. November 6, 2015
Camp Scary.png
Camp Scary When camping in the jungle, beware of the things that go BUMP in the night – and the things that go SCREEEEEECH for that matter. And the things that go GROOOOOWL... yeah, beware of those too. November 20, 2015
It's Mine!.png
It's Mine! The obsession over the precious golden egg is spreading and now Dahlia now finds herself under its spell. Can she crack the egg's myseries with science - or will she be consumed by its power? December 4, 2015
Royal Pains.png
Royal Pains Hamsome Pig can't get a break. Gale just ignores his attempts to impress her. Only one thing left to try – an overly elaborate ritual from The Book! Let's hope they turn to the right page. December 18, 2015
The Storm A storm strikes and Stella and Gale seek shelter in the same cave. Conditions are perfect for conflict – close quarters, limited food, and what is that smell?! Who will lose their head first? January 1, 2016
The Golden Queen Haunted by nightmares of the Golden Egg slipping from her grasp, Gale returns to Golden Island's volcano to locate the precious artifact. Surely she can't outsmart the monsters guarding the oblong orb. Can she? January 15, 2016
Gilded Cage Gale's attention has shifted completely to the Golden Egg, and her dreams of turning everything to gold have become a reality. But can Handsome Pig still be her golden boy? January 29, 2016
Premonition Willow witnesses a truly terrible happening on Golden Island. Can this really be happening?! We all want our dreams to come true - just not the bad ones. February 12, 2016
Last Bird Standing Ok, this is really happening. The stone situation is really taking a toll on the flock's food supply. Princess Gale to the rescue? No, that can't be right. February 26, 2016
You Asked for It Gale shows how cool she is by demonstrating her most prized possession. Did I say cool? I meant stark raving mad, drunk with power, and acting with total disregard for the well-being of others. Yeah, that's more like it. This cannot continue. March 11, 2016