Episode No.

Title Card Episode Name Description Airdate on TV
1 New Day After last season's startling conclusion, Stella is really missing Gale. The other birds (sensibly) don't feel the same way. Stella finds a friend who understands, but this friendship might be more than she bargained for. October 9, 2015
2 Friends Whenever An "injured" Gale is nursed back to "health" with some help from her old friends. Without the all-powerful crown, and accompanying army of piggies, the flock can finally get back to the way things were in the good old days! Right? October 9, 2015
Night of the Bling.jpeg
Night of the Bling A mysterious tribe of piggies is crashing the Halloween festivities on Golden Island! Their infectious grooves are causing everyone to walk on the pig side – even the birds! Someone's got to snap them out of it! October 23, 2015
Step It Up.jpeg
Step It Up Sometimes, the things we want seem to be just out of reach. Luckily for those times we can turn to our parkour skills – or at least that's what Stella does! However, often the most elegant solution is the most simple one. One that say a certain young blue bird could even grasp. November 6, 2015
Camp Scary.png
Camp Scary When camping in the jungle, beware of the things that go BUMP in the night – and the things that go SCREEEEEECH for that matter. And the things that go GROOOOOWL... yeah, beware of those too. November 20, 2015
Image Not Avalible (New).png
It's Mine! The obsession over the precious golden egg is spreading and now Dahlia now finds herself under its spell. Can she crack the egg's myseries with science - or will she be consumed by its power? December 4, 2015
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