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This is a list of levels throughout the Angry Birds franchise.

( * = Levels Not Yet Listed )


Power-Ups University


Poached Eggs/The Great Wall of China

ve Poached EggsLevels
Theme 1 1-11-21-31-41-51-61-71-81-91-101-111-121-131-141-151-161-171-181-191-201-21
Theme 2 2-12-22-32-42-52-62-72-82-92-102-112-122-132-142-152-162-172-182-192-202-21
Theme 3 3-13-23-33-43-53-63-73-83-93-103-113-123-133-143-153-163-173-183-193-203-21
Free Levels I-1I-2I-3
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 3Golden Egg Level 4Golden Egg Level 6

Mighty Hoax/Future

ve Mighty HoaxLevels
Theme 4 4-14-24-34-44-54-64-74-84-94-104-114-124-134-14 • }4-154-164-174-184-194-204-21
Theme 5 5-15-25-35-45-55-65-75-85-95-105-115-125-135-145-155-165-175-185-195-205-21
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 2Golden Egg Level 7Golden Egg Level 9

Danger Above

ve Danger AboveLevels
Theme 6 6-16-26-36-46-56-66-76-86-96-106-116-126-136-146-15
Theme 7 7-17-27-37-47-57-67-77-87-97-107-117-127-137-147-15
Theme 8 8-18-28-38-48-58-68-78-88-98-108-118-128-138-148-15
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 10Golden Egg Level 11Golden Egg Level 12Golden Egg Level 13

The Big Setup

ve The Big SetupLevels
Theme 9 9-19-29-39-49-59-69-79-89-99-109-119-129-139-149-15
Theme 10 10-110-210-310-410-510-610-710-810-910-1010-1110-1210-1310-1410-15
Theme 11 11-111-211-311-411-511-611-711-811-911-1011-1111-1211-1311-1411-15
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 14Golden Egg Level 15Golden Egg Level 16Golden Egg Level 17

Ham 'Em High

ve Ham 'Em HighLevels
Theme 12 12-112-212-312-412-512-612-712-812-912-1012-1112-1212-1312-1412-15
Theme 13 13-113-213-313-413-513-613-713-813-913-1013-1113-1213-1313-1413-15
Theme 14 14-114-214-314-414-514-614-714-814-914-1014-1114-1214-1314-1414-15
Bonus Facebook Levels 14-1614-1714-18
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 18Golden Egg Level 19Golden Egg Level 20Golden Egg Level 21Golden Egg Level 22

Mine and Dine

ve Mine and DineLevels
Theme 15 15-115-215-315-415-515-615-715-815-915-1015-1115-1215-1315-1415-15
Theme 16 16-116-216-316-416-516-616-716-816-916-1016-1116-1216-1316-1416-15
Theme 17 17-117-217-317-417-517-617-717-817-917-1017-1117-1217-1317-1417-15
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 23Golden Egg Level 24Golden Egg Level 25Golden Egg Level 26

Surf and Turf

ve Surf and Turf Levels
Theme 18 18-118-218-318-418-518-618-718-818-918-1018-1118-1218-1318-1418-15
Theme 19 19-119-219-319-419-519-619-719-819-919-1019-1119-1219-1319-1419-15
Theme 20 20-120-220-320-420-520-620-720-820-920-1020-1120-1220-1320-1420-15

Bad Piggies

ve Bad Piggies Levels
Theme 21 21-121-221-321-421-521-621-721-821-921-1021-1121-1221-1321-1421-15
Theme 22 22-122-222-322-422-522-622-72-822-92-1022-1122-1222-1322-1422-15
Theme 23 23-123-223-323-423-523-623-723-823-923-1023-1123-1223-1323-1423-15

Red's Mighty Feathers

ve Red's Mighty Feathers Levels
Theme 24 24-124-224-324-424-524-624-724-824-924-1024-1124-1224-1324-1424-15
Theme 25 (Egg Defender) 25-125-225-325-425-525-625-725-825-925-1025-1125-1225-1325-1425-15
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 29Golden Egg Level 30

Short Fuse

ve Short FuseLevels
Theme 26 26-126-226-326-426-526-626-726-826-926-1026-1126-1226-1326-1426-15
Theme 27 27-127-227-327-427-527-627-727-827-927-1027-1127-1227-1327-1427-15
Theme 28 28-128-228-328-428-528-628-728-828-928-1028-1128-1228-1328-1428-15
Golden Eggs Golden Egg Level 31

Flock Favorites

ve Flock FavoritesLevels
Theme 29 29-129-229-329-429-529-629-729-829-929-1029-1129-1229-1329-1429-15
Theme 30 30-130-230-330-430-530-630-730-830-929-1030-1130-1230-1330-1430-15

Bird Island

Piggy Farm

Jurassic Pork

Birdday Party & Birdday 5

China Exclusives

Moon Fest

Year of The Goat

Happy New Year*


Pig Spring*


Summer Beach*

Magic (Angry Birds Time Travel exclusive)

Season 2010

Trick or Treat

ve Trick or Treat Nav
Levels Page 1 1-11-21-31-41-51-61-71-81-91-101-111-121-131-141-15
Levels Page 2 2-12-22-32-42-52-62-72-82-92-102-112-122-132-142-15
Levels Page 3 3-13-23-33-43-53-63-73-83-93-103-113-123-133-143-15
Golden Eggs GE1GE2
Additions Pumpkins (1-1) • Lanterns (1-1) • Ghost Costume (3-15)

Season's Greedings

Season 2011

Hogs and Kisses

Go Green, Get Lucky

Easter Eggs

Summer Pignic

Moon Festival


Wreck the Halls*

Season 2012

Year of the Dragon

Cherry Blossom


Back to School

Haunted Hogs

Winter Wonderham

Season 2013


Arctic Eggspedition

Season 2014

South Hamerica*

Ham Dunk*

On Finn Ice

Season 2015

Tropigal Paradise

Invasion of the Egg Snatchers

Ski or Squeal

Season 2016

Fairy Hogmother

Marie Hamtoinette

Summer Camp*

Piggywood Studios*

Hammier Things


Pig Days

Rio 1

Smugglers' Den

ve Template:Rio EpisodeLevels
Page 1 1-11-21-31-41-51-61-71-81-91-101-111-121-131-141-15
Page 2 1-161-171-181-191-201-211-221-231-241-251-261-271-281-291-30
Bonus Levels 30 Stars Level50 Stars Level70 Stars Level7 Feathers LevelEpisode Complete LevelGolden Pineapple

Jungle Escape*

Beach Volley*

Carnival Upheaval*

Airfield Chase*

Smugglers' Plane*

Market Mayhem*

Golden Beachball*

Rio 2

Rocket Rumble*

High Dive*

Blossom River*

Timber Tumble*



Hidden Harbor*

Treasure Hunt*

Pig Bang

Cold Cuts

Fry Me to the Moon


Red Planet

Pig Dipper

Cosmic Crystals

Beak Impact

Brass Hogs

Solar System

Danger Zone

Froot Loops Bloopers

Ground Hog Day

Rise and Swine

When Pigs Fly

Flight in the Night

Tusk 'til Dawn

The Road to El Porkado


Death Star


Cloud City

Moon of Endor

Death Star 2

Path of the Jedi*

Exclusive Levels

Branch Out

Beach Day

Angry Birds Coca-Cola

Angry Birds McDonald's

Bonus Levels

Angry Birds Classic, Rio (Golden Fruits), Seasons, Chrome (Chrome Symbols), Friends

Angry Birds Space (Eggsteroids)

Angry Birds Star Wars (Bonus and Boba Fett Missions)*

Angry Birds Star Wars II (Side Quests)*

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