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{{Toons.TV Episodes}}This is a list of '''[[Piggy Tales]]''' episodes.
This is a list of '''[[Piggy Tales]]''' episodes.
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This is a list of Piggy Tales episodes.

Episode No. Title Card Episode Name Written by Directed by
1 PTales-Trampoline-SR-001 Trampoline Antoine Vignon
Erkki Lilja
Erkki Lilja
2 PTales-Rough Necks=Titlecard-on-YouTube Rough Necks Chris Sadler Chris Sadler
3 PTales-Abduction=Titlecard-on-YouTube Abduction Erkki Lilja Erkki Lilja
4 200px Teeter-Trotter Rémi Chapotot Rémi Chapotot
5 The Hole The Hole Chris Sadler Chris Sadler
6 Pushes Push Button

Rémi Chapotot

Rémi Chapotot
7 Da Mirror The Mirror Rémi Chapotot Rémi Chapotot
8 Super Glue JP Saari JP Saari
9 piggy in the middle Piggy in the Middle Chris Sadler Chris Sadler
10 Low resolution epic sir bucket Epic Sir Bucket Errki Lilja Errki Lilja
11 Push Button Trouble Push Button Trouble Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
12 Piggy-Tales-Episode-12-Shazam Sha-Zam! Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
13 Piggy Tales-Puffed Up Puffed Up Chris Sadler
David Vinicombe
Chris Sadler
14 Piggy Tales-Peekaboo! Peekaboo Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
15 Piggy Tales-UpDown Up or Down Ville Lepisto Ville Lepisto
16 GlovesPiggy Gloves Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
17 200px Snooze

Cesar Chevalier

Cesar Chevalier
18 200px Superpork Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot


Cake Duel Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
20 Dr. Pork M.D. Title Card Dr. Pork,M.D JP Saari
Sara Wahl
JP Saari
21 Hog Hoops Title Card Hog Hoops Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
22 200px The Cure Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
23 PTales-Up the Tempo=Titlecard-on-Toons.TV Up the Tempo Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
24 200px Jammed Sara Wahl Eric Guaglione and Sara Wahl
25 Vlcsnap-2014-09-26-17h05m11s46 Fly Piggy, Fly! Remi Chapotot Remi Chapotot
26 Ptales=The Game-Toons.TV-Title-Card The Game Janne Roivainen Ville Lepisto
27 Ptales-The-Catch=Toons.TV The Catch JP Saari JP Saari, Jenny Meissmer and Jaakko Stenius
28 SUTC Snowed Up Chris Sadler and David Vinicombe César Chevalier and Chris Sadler
29 200px The Wishing Well Erkki Lilja César Chevalier
30 StuckIn? Stuck In? Gonzalo Díaz-Palacios and César Chevalier César Chevalier
31 It'sAWrap It's A Wrap Joonas Rissanen and JP Saari JP Saari
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