Tiny Tim
Little Timmy
Abilities None
First Appearance None, but appears in the Christmas Comic.
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Christmas Comic
Strength None
Size Small


Little Timmy in Angry Birds Christmas Comic

Timmy and Piggy Island

Little Timmy is a Small Pig who appeared in the Christmas Comic. He was a stowaway in the King Pig's sleigh who tried to teach him the true meaning of Christmas, but got rebuffed by him. He was seen briefly running away from the flock, but strangely disappeared in "Mighty's Christmas".

Tim appears as a friend to both the birds and pigs.


  • He looks to be the second pig that isn't evil, with the first being Postman Pig.
  • He is the first pig whose name's without the word "Pig".[1]
  • He is based on Tiny Tim, a character from the novel A Christmas Carol.


  1. The second one is Major Lazer, appeared in october 2013. The third one is Boar, appeared later the year.
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