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Live Stream Shutdown is the seventh episode of Angry Birds MakerSpace.


The eSports arena is all aflutter, but the live stream is going haywire!


Two pigs with headsets are ready to start a Livestream. The right pig says to the pig responsible for starting the Livestream to start it. The Livestream pig presses a button on his panel, which the large computer turns on, starting the Livestream (Of Battle Bay). The pigs start to play it on their tablets.

The Livestream pig starts to press the buttons on the panel to keep the Livestream stable but he accidentally shuts it down. The headset pigs get confused and worried. The Livestream pig gets also worried and starts to press the buttons to restart the Livestream.

The computer restarts showing the Police Pig poking his snout. The headset pigs start to laugh. The Livestream pig presses the buttons again to change the recording, but it shows Chuck taking Xerox of his head. The pigs continue to laugh, even the Livestream pig laughs. He presses the button to change the image. Now, it shows Red in the kitchen, which he opens the sink, but it reflects water to his face. As it hit a plate, the pigs start to laugh even more and the Livestream pig presses the buttons again to change the image.

Now, the image is the hatchlings (Will, Vincent, and Zoe) watching Red vs the sink water. The hatchlings notice that the pigs are watching. Will gets angry and leaves the room. Will gets in the eSports arena, pulls a lever and presses the buttons on the panel, which shows Battle Bay again and Will says to the pig that he is watching him by doing a hand gesture.


  • The pigs are using Facebook (Or Flockbook) to stream their broadcast with.



Angry Birds MakerSpace - Live Stream Shutdown - S1 Ep7

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Voice Actors Antti PääkkönenAntti LJ PääkkönenPasi RuohonenAlexei RyanAlissa KovalainenVilppu UusitaloVertti UusitaloHeljä HeikkinenHilda WirtanenElton HämäläinenMaria Palavamäki