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Not to be confused with the Bad Piggies items called Hidden Loot Crates.

Loot are collectible items that in Angry Birds Epic that can be obtained from each battle. Each battle has different loots available when won. Resources are loot that can be crafted with the Magic Anvil to craft new equipment, while Ingredients are loot that are brewed with the Magic Cauldron to create potions to assist the Birds.


Resources Hierarchy Sources Craft from
Seashell Seashell Basic Beaches, water areas None
Flotsam Flotsam Basic Coastline, water areas None
Stone Stone Basic Rocky areas, cliffs None
Wood Wood Basic Coastline, forests None
Cobalt Stone Cobalt Stone Advanced Cobalt Plateaus Stone:5
Limestone Limestone Advanced Limestone Lagoon Stone:5
Seastar Seastar Advanced Star Reef Seashell:5
Corals Corals Advanced Limestone Lagoon, water areas Seashell:5
Fossil Fossil Advanced Limestone Lagoon Seashell:5
Ore Ore Advanced Mountains, caves Stone:5
Slingshot Twig Slingshot Twig Advanced Slingshot Woods Wood:5
Paper Paper Advanced Crafting Wood:5
Bamboo Bamboo Advanced Bamboo Forest Wood:5
Squarewood Squarewood High end Square Forest Bamboo:5
Metal Bar Metal Bar High end Crafting Ore:5
Rainbow Shell Rainbow Shell High end Eastern Sea and nearby coast Corals:5


Resources Hierarchy Sources Craft from
Shiny Sand Shiny Sand Basic Nearly everywhere, beaches, desert None
Seeds Seeds Basic Most land areas, Golden Fields None
Water Water Basic Water areas None
Banana Banana Basic Tropical areas, Cobalt Plateaus Water:1 Seeds:3
Hot Tomato Hot Tomato Basic Tropical areas, Matilda's Garden Water:1 Seeds:3
Vial Vial Advanced Crafting Shiny Sand:5
Greater Vial Greater Vial High end Crafting Vial:5
Sea Berry Sea Berry Advanced Water areas Water:1 Seeds:6
Crystal Water Crystal Water Advanced Snow areas Water:5
Snow Apple Snow Apple More advanced Winter Wonderland, Islands in the Sky Water:1 Seeds:9
Ice Chili Ice Chili Advanced Snow areas Seeds:6 Crystal Water:1
Magic Water Magic Water High end Mouth Pool Crystal Water:5
Burning Pumpkin Burning Pumpkin High end Only at Pumpkin Plateau - 2 Seeds:9 Magic Water:1
Pig Cherries Pig Cherries High end Hog Head Mountain, Chronicle Cave Seeds:12 Magic Water:1


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