Template:AngryBirdsToonsInfobox Love is in the Air is the 35th episode of Angry Birds Toons.

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A cabbage falls on King Pig's head. He falls in love with it. The minions find it very cute, but Corporal Pig is dismayed. Will he manage to make King Pig come back to his senses?


Outside the Pig City, on a training course, the Pigs practiced to hit the fake birds using a cabbage launched by a catapult, but it missed and drops on ground. So Corporal Pig shouted and they launched an another cabbage, but still, it missed and drops again on ground. Again, Corporal Pig shouted and they launched again an another cabbage, but it flew away in the hole at the King's Palace that hits King Pig and makes Corporal Pig shocked.

Before the cabbage hits King Pig, he plays piggy toys that a queen pig and a helmet pig kissing each other. And he tries to kiss the queen pig toy but the cabbage hits it. He was dizzified by it that he thinks of a queen pig. When he saw the cabbage, the cabbage turns into a Queen Pig that he thought it as her. King Pig started to fell in love with her.

King Pig danced each other with the cabbage around the palace that he thought it as a Queen Pig. Corporal Pig saw them and he looks dismayed. At the cliff, King Pig swinged the cabbage, but it fell on the ground. He was worried and protected it. He thought it again as a Queen Pig. Corporal Pig saw them and looks dismayed again. When the minion pigs had their cleaning session at the garden, a minion pig suddenly shook the gardening shears.

At the King's palace, in the dining room, King Pig and the cabbage had their date by eating the lovely tomato soup. A minion pig served a food to be placed on the dining table. A cabbage dunks in the soup when it falls to its original seat. The minion pigs laughed about it. King Pig hurriedly carries and protects it from being messed. He thought it again as a Queen Pig.

At the rivers of Pig City, King Pig rode a boat with the cabbage while the pigs are rowing a boat. King Pig had an engagement ring that he will gave it to a cabbage that he thought it again as a Queen Pig. The Minion Pigs saw it and they laugh, but then they pretend to really find it very cute so they wouldn't upset the king. King Pig wear her the ring that really fits for her. One of the Minion Pigs fakely cries for them, that they will marry, and the other Minion Pig smiled at him. There's Corporal Pig, who looks dismayed again.

Again, at the palace, where King Pig and a cabbage had their wedding, Minion Pig plays an organ while some Minion Pigs pretended to cry and some fakely smiled. Corporal Pig's dismayed to their wedding. Chronicler Pig tells King Pig to kiss the bride. And King Pig kissed it that he thought it again as a Queen Pig, and the minion pigs were very happy and proud of them, with some confetti at it.

Outside the King's Palace, All the pigs enjoyed their reception for King Pig and a cabbage. Some of the pigs serve foods, Some of them danced, and some ate foods and drank beverages. When King Pig ate noodles, the cabbage got messed. A minion pig served a lemon wine bottle at the Corporal Pig's table, while Corporal Pig sips the ice cream in a glass. When he saw the wine bottle, he had an idea to make King Pig comes back to his senses, and to stop falling in love with the cabbage.

The royal minion pigs sounded the trumpet that it is a sign that King Pig will dance with the cabbage. King Pig carried the cabbage and danced each other, while the Minion Pigs keep themselves from laughing and pretend to find it very cute. King Pig didn't noticed the Corporal Pig opening the wine capsule of the wine bottle. When Corporal Pig opened it, King Pig was shocked that the wine capsule hits him that causes him very dizzy. A minion pig got worried.

When King Pig's awakened, His cyst grows, and finally, his senses comes back!  He saw the cabbage and he eats it ahead. Corporal Pig's plan really works! Chronicler Pig got fainted, and some minion pigs shocked about it. The minion pigs played a funeral song. Some minion pigs fakely cried for it, trying not to laugh about it, while Corporal Pig laughs.

After King Pig got dizzified, he starts hallucinating again and sees the Corporal Pig as a female opera singing pig. King Pig fell in love with him. King Pig's really crazy that he chased him and Corporal Pig run for it with the King Pig's crown left in.

As the credit shows, King Pig already kissed the Corporal Pig.

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  • Rovio claimed that this episode is a later version of Matilda in Love, however Matilda did not appear in this episode. And the cabbage that King Pig fell in love with it represents that it is Matilda's cabbages.
  • This is the sixth episode in a row to have an appearance of King Pig.
  • This is the 1st appearance of Chronicler Pig in Toons, because of its appearance and has a white, curly wig.
  • Queen Pig and the Female Opera Singing Pig are the only female pigs as they're only imaginary.
  • The cardboard birds is just like in the episode Crash Test Piggies and Egg's Day Out.
  • The carpet at the King's Palace is just red-purple, purple or red like the episodes Slappy-Go-Lucky, Piggy Wig, Pig Plot Potion, Tooth Royal, and Night of the Living Pork.
  • This is the fourth time minion pigs sounded the trumpet. First was Pig Talent, Second was Piggy Wig, and Third was Pig Plot Potion.
  • Before the cabbage hits King Pig, he said "Kissy" three times, but at the last part of the credits, King Pig said that word two times.
  • There is the Eggs logo in the flag of the riding boat, Chronicler Pig's book, and on the top of the archway.
  • When the time Chronicler Pig read the book before he said that King Pig will kiss the bride, he said the word "Cabbage"
  • When King Pig already ate the cabbage, one pig made a sound that issued Chuck in the episode The Bird That Cried Pig, when he hid the eggs, he said that the pigs already stole the Eggs, and yawning to awake birds.
  • The pigs on the boat are look like in the episode Dopeys on a Rope.
  • It sounds like king pig was saying "Kissie kissie kissie" when he was playing with toys.
  • King Pig's "dizzy birds" are Queen Pig. This is a first time a minion pig cries.
  • When Chronicler Pig Finished Reading the Book, he said "Oscar Line" .


  • When King Pig danced with the cabbage, he didn't have his crown on top of his head when he got hit by a cabbage, but when the time he swings the cabbage at the cliff, he had his crown.


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