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"Baby, get over it. I'm breaking good."
Luca, Unknown
"Nobody puts Luca in the corner, so don't call me baby or I'll scream."
Luca, Unknown

Luca is a light blue male Bird that appears in the Angry Birds series. He bears a resemblance to The Blues.


Luca is a somewhat triangular-shaped bird covered in a fluffy, light-blue coat of feathers. He has two large crest feathers with light yellow tips, two small dark blue tail feathers, large blue eyes, short rectangular eyebrows and a small beak. His early design, seen in the Telepods, depicts him with eyelashes, thin eyebrows, three tail feathers, and a more saturated yellow.


Luca is the youngest and the only male of Stella's flock. He is playful and inquisitive as most children are and loves exploring. However, this causes problems when he wanders off without telling anyone. He thinks he's bigger and stronger than anybody else. He can also imitate the noise of another bird, pig, or other creature. He hates being talked down by others or called a baby. He seems to be a bit of a daredevil, as Willow watches, stunned as Luca steps over to the edge of the branch they are sitting on. He loves fun, being adventurous, and being creative, just like the rest of his friends.

Luca's description from the Angry Birds Website :

"Luca is the youngest of the flock, and also the only boy - just don't call him a baby! He's as playful and inquisitive as you'd expect a young bird to be and loves exploring. However, this does cause problems when he wanders off and doesn't tell anyone. Luca thinks he's bigger than he really is - a fact that has got him into trouble a few times already! While he doesn't talk much, he certainly does like imitating everyone (and everything!) around him. He can sound like any of birds, pigs, or even any of the island's critters - and he really enjoys doing it!"

Stella Interactive Annual Book Description


This baby bird is the hatchling of the flock, and also the only boy!

Luca is just as playful and cheerful as you'd expect a young bird to be, and he also loves wandering off when no one's looking!

Luca's best trick is his ability to imitate the noises he hears around him. So, although he doesn't speak much himself, he does do great impressions of the rest of the flock.

LOVES: Attention, Games.

FAVORITE MODES OF TRANSPORT: Riding piggybacks on one of the flock!


Game appearances

Angry Birds Stella

Luca made his first official debut in Angry Birds Stella.

In gameplay, Luca's primary skill is firing a Sonic Boom towards the tapped area on-screen, which will shatter Glass instantly, pass through wood doing minimal damage, and be stopped in its tracks by Stone. Although the Sonic Boom won't damage pigs, if used correctly it can be able to make a lot of destruction in a large portion of the pig's structure. This is known as Shockwave Shock. He is the smallest and the weakest bird in the flock and appeared after Poppy making him the third bird introduced.

Angry Birds POP!

Luca appeared for a limited amount of time much later in the game.

In gameplay, his ability is the Sonic Pop which drops bubbles in an area where a special pop was hit.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Luca also reappears in Angry Birds Dream Blast. but this time collectible only in Dream Blast Holiday. He uses his Movie design in this game, he was only seen in Mighty Eagle's holiday house. For the first time, he is found on Bird Island, unlike The Angry Birds Movie and the The Angry Birds Movie 2 where he is not seen in the movies, he only appears in his movie design in this game only.

Media Appearances

New Tricks

Luca first appeared in the New Tricks video in a short-lasting image of a view of the volcano of Golden Island, with Stella and her friends staring into the distance. He was the most notable out of the five birds (excluding Stella) and was a much larger bird, having only a slightly smaller size than Stella.

Angry Birds Stella cartoon

He appeared as a main character in this show.

Angry Birds Stella comics

ABGO MechanicPig2
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Angry Birds Stella Diaries

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Stella: Nana and the Magic English Words

Luca appears in chapter 4 of Stella: Nana and the Magic English Words where he was magically summoned above from Nana as she confess her feelings, and he's also picked up by her and called him a baby as he was Stella's partner, which she caused him to use his ability which destroyed some flower pots, which Stella tells him not to make a big noise, and Stella realizes about Luca and what should we do to him, and he was also seen running towards to something which Nana tried to catch him, and he also found a castle made of glass, which Stella and Nana tells him not to make a big noise in order not to use his ability again, which later on, Stella had seen a castle getting broken down to pieces, and Nana yelled out, "make a big noise!" which allows Luca to use the Soundwave Shock at the glass castle without Gale noticing how it happened, and he later on joined the lesson with Stella and Nana on some later chapters.

Powers and Abilities

  • Soundwave Shock: Luca does massive damage on glass when he shoots an ear-hurting shockwave out of his mouth.






  • Soundwave's ability is somewhat similar to Luca's. They will both destroy glass extremely well, possibly insignificantly damage some wood blocks, and cannot destroy stone blocks. The Blues also have the same strength. In some ways, Luca appears to be the polar opposite of Matilda, the only (original) female member of Red's flock, which originally composed of five birds, who act as a mother to the flock, while Luca acts like the baby to Stella's flock.
  • Concept art of Luca details that he had feminine eyelashes, whether this implies that Luca was originally supposed to be a female is unknown, but he would have that design in his plush and the box art of the Angry Birds Stella Telepods collection.
  • Luca is one of the only friends of Stella that never had a noticeable appeared in Angry Birds Movie series.
  • His design for the movie was showcased in Angry Birds Dream Blast.
  • Much like Bubbles in early Angry Birds material such as The World of Angry Birds Official Guide and Angry Birds Comics, Luca is still learning to talk and requires another bird to translate what he wants to say (usually Stella).
  • Luca made a cameo in Angry Birds (game) as the feather league in The Mighty League


For the gallery, see Luca/Gallery.

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