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Luiz copy.png
Gender Male
Species Bulldog
Size Large
Abilities Running towards beach balls, even through parts of structures.
Strength Normal
First appearance Rio 6-15

Luiz is a bulldog from Rio. In the movie, he assists Blu and Jewel by helping to remove the chain from their legs. In the game, he appears in Beach Volley level 6-15 as a non-playable character who assists the player on 6-15.


He is a large peach white bulldog with a brown back, legs, ears and a tail. Large eyes, large cheeks with a black snout, the left of his face is all white while his right is brown.

In the movie, his mouth has gray parts, he has brown irises and there's a white right left. Luiz's game sprite appears with two brown front legs rather than one white and one brown. This was most likely done for ease of animation. ​


Angry Birds Rio

Luiz was the dog of the mechanic that worked in the workshop, Rafael knew him and demanded Blu and Jewel to meet him so they could remove their chains.

When they reached the workshop, they found him, which he seemed to be wild and crazy and Blue and Jewel were scared due to the fact that a lot of saliva feel from his mouth and that he was using a saw to cut the chains.

However, he was friendly and cut the chains. After this, he danced on Carnival.


During gameplay, as soon as the first beach ball hits the ground, Luiz will appear and chase it, then pop it for points. As each new ball hits the ground, he will run after it and pop it. If marmosets or crates are in the way of him reaching the ball, he will destroy them, as well.

Luiz running

Players do not have any direct control of Luiz but can use the birds to try to drop beach balls strategically to cause Luiz to destroy anything and everything on the bottom row of a level.

If you drop an egg bomb or explode on him, Luiz will be able to jump.







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