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Lunch Break is the second episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Toons.TV Description[]

Haven't you heard? It's lunchtime!

YouTube Description[]

Pigs are at work, and they're doing what they do best, taking a break...


Two Minion Pigs are hammering a nail. One of the pigs help the other one, until the bell rings for lunch time. The two pigs bring out their apples and start eating them. When they were finished, one of the two pigs saw another pig (because he's wearing headphones so he couldn't hear the ringing bell or the pigs' voice) that is cutting the piece of wood that the two pigs are standing at with a saw. They both tell him that it's not a good idea, so one of the pigs gave a chainsaw to the pig that is cutting the wood. The pig started using the chainsaw to cut the piece of wood.


  • At the beginning, you might see a box from Push Button and Push Button Trouble.
  • If the pig uses the chainsaw, the wood will fall along with 2 minion pigs



Piggy Tales - Pigs at Work - Lunch Break - S2 Ep2

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