Magnetic Appeal

Episode No. 11
Air Date June 26, 2015
Directed by Philippe Rolland
Written by Philippe Rolland
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Fabulous Fluke Porkatron

Magnetic Appeal is the eleventh episode of Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work.

Toons.TV Description

Getting the right tool for the job to get the right tool for the job.


A Construction Pig wanted a drill, and a fellow Minion Pig then showed him it was in a toolbox on a high platform. The Construction Pig then tried using a grappling hook but ending up hitting the Minion Pig. He received a blow in the shape of a magnet, then the Construction Pig took out a magnet to try attract the toolbox. A chainsaw with its string stuck on a nail was attracted as well. It intensifies, until another Construction Pig on the top of the cliff takes the chainsaw and walks away. Also attracted was a collection of metallic items were attracted as well , including two carts of TNT, a nail, two chainsaws, and a pig in a flying creation. The Construction Pig sighed and dropped the chainsaw, which was also attracted to the magnet. The two pigs at the bottom laughed and hoped for the toolbox to fall down, while everything fell-down (off-screen). In the credits, the pigs' laughter and the sound of falling objects can be heard, as well as a big explosion.


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