Major Lazer
Lazer Pig
Abilities None
First Appearance None, but appears in cutscene of Tusk 'til Dawn.
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Tusk 'til Dawn cutscene
Strength None
Size Medium

   Major Lazer is a pig that appeared in the cutscene for Tusk 'til Dawn and posters by Rovio Entertainment.


Major Lazer is a medium-sized pig, with light green color and trendy blue glasses, red beret, 2 bandanas which is attached to his ears, and 2 purple belts with microphones. In real life, the name Major Lazer is a musical project by DJ and producer Diplo, who wrote Shuffle and Spawn.

It is unclear why this pig appeared in the comics, so he probably manages zombie pigs and feeds them candy. Although a poster where he stands on a pile of battered zombie pigs can shows that Major Lazer destroys zombies.

Major Lazer is also against the original pigs. It was noted when he stunned Freckled Pig by bouncing off his pumpkin basket.


  • He is the only pig known to have a dark green skin.


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