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Make It or Break It is the eighteenth episode of Season 1 of Angry Birds Blues.

YouTube Description[]

Jay breaks his mom's vase, and wants to tell her the truth, but sometimes the truth just doesn't want to co-operate.


Jay, Jake and Jim are playing football, Jim tackles it too far but Jay picks it and dances, but he throws the football at his mother's flower vase, breaking it. He tries to fix it but it doesn't fit and he looks up, seeing his mother with a vase and goes to tell her about this.

Jake and Jim come to get the ball but notice the vase, Jay puts it on the log and the two fix it. Jay comes with his mother but she doesn't notice anything and the vase is intact, he tries to convince her that it was broken but she doesn't believe and goes away. Jay looks at the vase and wind breaks it and he goes back to the house to tell his mother about this.

He runs and makes his father spin and break the face with his rake, but he puts a piece into another and sees that it fits, starting to fix it. Jay comes with his mother again and the vase is intact, he walks to it and touches it, breaking it. He runs to tell his mother about this again.

Jake and Jim are still playing football, Jim throws the football too far again and it hits his father Greg's head and destroys the vase even more, Greg sees it and gets shocked, and him and his sons fix it.

Jay comes back with his mother Olive and tries to convince her that it was broken, she doesn't believe it and he gets very crazy, making weird expressions and breaking the vase on purpose. Olive Blue puts the flower in a new blue vase and Jay gets astonished, but the football falls on it and breaks it.


  • When Jay calls for his mother, he says "Mama!".




Angry Birds Blues - Make It or Break It - S1 Ep18

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