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Mario Pig

The Mario Pig is a pig that appears in the Retro Games Tournament in Angry Birds Friends! as a boss.


Unlike the other pigs, Mario Pig is a completely 16-bit styled fat and big pig,  having light green complexion, lime green snout with two big nostrils of almost the same size, a large black mustache, two small eyes with black pupils surrounded by two dark green spots and bushy black eyebrows. 

He wears a large orangeish red plumber hat that covers his ears. These are the things that prove that he is based on Mario, a video-game character.


In the game, Mario would remain stationary at a level of the Retro Games Tournament (2019), which he doesn't appear rarely. Unlike the other ordinary pigs, he is stronger, like any boss pig, having to take several hits in order to be defeated. Terence can defeat him in a hit. Upon defeat, Mario Pig drops coins (As a particle),  makes a warp pipe sound and gives 5000 points.

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