Master Beakagi is a bird and super trainer on Angry Birds Evolution , that was formerly unplayable, but was later added as a obtainable bird on events, along with his Master form.


Son of a dove and a chihuahua, Master Beakagi unifies a peaceful nature, the enormous eyesight of almost 300 degrees and the ability drive away pigs with hysterical barks. When being young Major Pecker tried to cut off Beakagi's beard which is where he got the scar on his cheek.


He is a small white bird with a bigger head, which the face poccess a small yellow beak with a bigger jaw, large eyes with  brown irises and peach circles around his eyes, messy white hair with a coch being held with a spoon and tied  red rubber, bushy brown eyebrows and white large moustache. He wears a dark blue kimono with yellow details on torso and arms.

His feet is orange and with white toenails.


When his supershot cooldown gets to 0, he can be chosen to replicate a random white bird supershot, he is strong and is a good bird to add to a player's flock or crew.

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