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Master Your Destiny
Master Destiny.jpg
Episode number M
Levels 62 (31 Bird Side (Bird side symbol.png), 31 Pork Side (Pork side symbol.png))
New features *Exclusive Character Eggs.
  • New Levels based on the other episodes.
Released July 10, 2014
Game(s) Angry Birds Star Wars II

Master Your Destiny is a special episode in Angry Birds Star Wars II. Like the Reward Chapter, this episode is non-numbered (it's a bonus chapter, known as M).


Gameplay is different in this chapter. Players are given telepod eggs instead of birds. You have to choose a bird or pig from the character or use your telepods to play.


Each side has its own range, which will be completed as you go getting stars and each time you gain a rank you get rewards.

  • Bird Side (Bird side symbol.png)
Stars Rank
0 Stars Beginner Jedi
1-6 Stars Jedi Youngling
7-14 Stars Jedi Initiate
15-24 Stars Jedi Padawan
25-44 Stars Jedi Apprentice
45 Stars Jedi Knight
  • Pork Side (Pork side symbol.png)
Stars Rank
0 Stars Beginner Sith
2-5 Stars Sith Hopeful
6-13 Stars Sith Acolyte
14-23 Stars Sith Adept
24-44 Stars Sith Apprentice
45 Stars

Sith Knight


Getting a determined number of stars will award the player characters and infinite-use characters, which are Anakin, Darth Maul and Count Dooku.


  • The spawn eggs have Tusken Raider audio.




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