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"♫Mashed vegetables, feel it in your beak.♪""
Matilda, Angry Birds Comics (2016) #6

Matilda[note 1] is a character that appears in the Angry Birds series. She is a chicken[citation needed] who can lay explosive eggs.

Originally, Matilda lived on Bird Island, where she gave "anger management classes", a series of classes made to pacify birds with an unstable anger. Among those birds were Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence, the latter of whom eventually married Matilda and had four children with her. Currently, Matilda lives on Piggy Island, taking care of the eggs she and her friends found there.


Originally, Matilda was an egg-shaped bird with no feathers at all who was covered in white feathers. She had a large, oval beak, two small eyes, yellow spots on her cheeks, and three short, black feathers on her head and on her tail. This design was common until 2013, and it has become rare since then.

In "Egg Sounds", Matilda was redesigned completely. While she keeps the white, egg-shaped body and the large beak from her earliest design, her eyes are larger and completely round, and have small eyelashes on them. Her crest and tail feathers were modified as well, being black feathers with pink, round ends. In addition. she now has two feathers on her tail instead of three. In addition, her yellow spots on her cheeks were replaced with pink spots, which were revealed to be make-up.[9]

In The Angry Birds Movie, Matilda was redesigned once again to be given an anthropomorphic body. Now, her torso is connected to her cone-shaped head without a neck. She now has four larger, more detailed feathers on her crest, and three ones on her tail. In addition, her tail also has three long, hair-like feathers. Other minor changes include her pupils being turquoise-colored instead of black, and her beak being smaller and with a different aspect.


Matilda's proile, from Toy Care's 3D Toothbrush product presentation.

Matilda is a very considerate, caring woman, with a great adoration for peace, and a great dislike for violence and destruction. With a maternal-like figure, she educates people with a reprehensible behavior, most notably Chuck[10] and the Blues.[11] Sometime ago, she also gave "anger managment classes", to calm down unstable people. However, she is also very firm, and can be somewhat bossy.[11]

In addition, Matilda has a notable respect for nature and animals, talking to the latters and ignoring other people while doing so.[1] She spends most of her time taking care of her garden and watering her plants and vegetables, an activity that she finds calming.[citation needed] She is also a great fan of water gardens, and has wanted one for a long time.[2]

"[...] And that's so wonderful because I love my flowers so much and if something were to happen to them... I would get mad. So very, very mad. Incredibly, horribly mad. I would be transformed into a vast storm cloud of all-consuming fury and wrath."
Matilda explaning Bomb what would happen if she finds her garden destroyed, Angry Birds: Flight School #1

Despite her peace-seeking persona, Matilda is very short-tempered, which is why other people respect and fear her. Whenever she is mocked,[3] disobeyed,[11] or someone does something she finds dislikeable,[10][12] she will burst into anger, completely losing her peaceful mindset, and proceeding to violence and fights.[12] This does not mean that Matilda is a hypocrite, but that she cannot control herself when she is angry. When she realizes that her anger has hurt one of her friends, which is against her normal persona, she will revert to her peaceful demeanor and find a way to apologize said person.[13] Whenever she sees her own garden being destroyed, she is greately hurted, leading her to cry or act incredibly furious. She is also very sensible, bursting into tears when other people tell her, for example, that her food tastes awful.[7][8]

Game appearances

Angry Birds

Matilda's original appearance (Note: Matilda does not seem angry.)

Matilda makes her first appearance in the original Angry Birds game, like the last bird introduced in Poached Eggs. (in the level Poached Eggs 2-14) She is the final bird of the original flock, along with the biggest. (at that time)

After her debut, Matilda will appear and be a playable character in various levels in all themes, excluding The Big Setup, as the episode solely focused on Hal and Terence as playable characters. She also appears in multiple games and installments of the Angry Birds series as a main character and has become very prominent in the Angry Birds universe.

Like all the other characters of the game, Matilda received a newer animation, getting her "Chrome" design, as all the characters' new designs had originally come from the "Angry Birds Chrome" game.


Despite being one of the largest of the birds, Matilda is weak in physical strength for her size. The egg bombs she deploys have decent power but suffer from a short blast radius and tend to be overestimated in their effect on the structure.

Matilda's strengths and weaknesses are seen here.

Matilda's corpse used to be a deflated, shriveled version of her once she launched the egg, but as of the newest version of Angry Birds, she will revert to her regular corpse sprite.

Angry Birds Seasons

Matilda appears from the very start of the game when it was once known as Angry Birds Halloween. After her first appearance in Trick or Treat, she will be a playable character in all of the episodes that follow.

Unlike the other installments of the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Seasons does not update Matilda's design to her new one and stays true to the original.

There was also a version of Matilda in Hogs and Kisses unofficially named "Female White Bird", as she had never been given an official name. She is shown to be significantly smaller than the Female Red Bird in some photos, who was the same size as the regular Red Bird. However, in others, she was just as big as the regular Matilda. It was shown that the Female White Bird and Matilda were in a romantic relationship. However, this had been before official genders were given to the birds and have not been counted as actual canon.


Matilda bears the same ability in the original game in this one, along with her battle cries and launch sounds. There are no changes to her size, strength, or speed.

In Piglantis, Matilda's ability will go along with water. If the water is deep enough, then Matilda's explosive egg will be able to burst out of the surface, and hit possible structures above it. If Matilda is slung into the water, she will sink and then resurface.

Angry Birds Rio

Matilda appears very early in Angry Birds Rio, first appearing in Smugglers' Den 's 70 Star And Feather Award And In Jungle Escape. She was strangely introduced before Bomb, even though she had been introduced after Bomb in the original game. She first appears in Jungle Escape Level 6. After this, she appears in all the following episodes as a playable character.

In the Rio 2 segment, she receives a redesign using her animation from Toons like other characters, who were first introduced in their Chrome designs and then into their animation designs. This featured a more prominently feminine Matilda, as fans had been initially very confused about her gender. (though at this point it had been confirmed that she was clearly a female)

Matilda is one of the few characters that are included in both the animations and the gameplay trailers for the game.


Matilda's ability is the same as the previous 2 installments of Angry Birds. However, it is very notable that she and her egg bomb are notably more powerful, and can make much more damage, which was very pleasing to fans as they complained that her ability had been extremely weak.

If she lays an egg on Luiz during Beach Volley, Luiz will fly in the air; which is quite useful, as Luiz is very strong and can destroy many bricks. (along with destroying even more if beach balls are laid out afterward)

If used right, Matilda can be a very versatile and powerful character to have during boss fights. Matilda's egg bomb is very harmful to bosses, taking a very major hit. (as you usually will need 2-4 of them to defeat the boss) It is recommended that if possible, fire Matilda very close to the boss and lay the egg bomb on him, causing Matilda to fly off, where she will hopefully hit TNT or a weakly supported structure.

Angry Birds Friends!

Matilda's technical first appearance in Angry Birds Friends! was in Poached Eggs in the same level she first appeared before, but the game's episode chronology starts in Surf and Turf, so it depends. You can also find her in Angry Birds Friends on mobile and on tournaments on both devices.

She was introduced in the game since its release. Her ability stays the same as the other games. In the Holiday Oink Tournaments, her Egg Laying was temporarily replaced with an Explosive Present Dropping ability.

She received a design change in the mobile version, where it now uses the Toons Design, where she is still frowning and the shriveled sprite is the same as injured.


Her ability is the same as stated above, with some minor changes in damage.

Angry Birds Go!

Matilda is featured in Angry Birds Go! as a playable character, and multiple changes are made to her character. For one, she uses her Toons animation in-game, which hadn't happened before. She also, like all of the other characters, uses a 3D model, which was a first for Rovio, as all their games had been in 2D animation up until that point.

Like all the other playable characters in the game, Matilda has her kart, which is the Tub-Copter. This is the kart that she is featured within Telepods, promotions, and other merchandise.


Matilda was first featured in Air like a boss. You would have to beat her 3 times in a race to unlock her as a playable character; and like most of the other characters, she had a different ability. (in which she would throw spinning eggs at the player)

However, once the game was updated, the boss battles were then removed from the game and replaced with the campaigns. Now you have to get one star on campaign level 4, race 5.

Matilda also appears in races as an opponent in all themes of the game.

Her ability as a playable character is to throw egg bombs at the rival racers. While this ability is effective in the players that it hits, it isn't as widespread as other character's abilities, or abundant.

Angry Birds Epic


Matilda is included as a playable character in Angry Birds Epic, having the role of the medic and like all the other birds, can be upgraded and changed to the player's preference.

Once she is introduced she becomes a very prominent character, and is involved as an option in most battles and appears in the cutscenes.


Main Article: Epic Characters


A strong healer who also packs quite a punch!


HP: ???
AD: ???

Rage Chilli



Heals all birds for 35% health and removes all their negative effects.

Rage Chilli


Matilda'sMedicine.jpg - Arena

Heals all birds for 30% health, banner for 10% health and removes all their negative effects.

Angry Birds 2

Matilda is included as a playable character in Angry Birds 2, which had been introduced after a rather long time where Rovio did not introduce slingshot-based games with Matilda involved. As most of the returning characters in the game (not including Red), Matilda was given the same ability she originally had in the first games.

The game also introduces computer animation for the birds and pigs, which had never happened before in the previous slingshot-based games, where there were instead multiple sprites for the birds that were used when they were idle, flying, corpses, etc. Matilda also appears in her "Angry Birds Toons" animation style, as prominantly female. (along with her voice parts)


Matilda has the same ability as she had in the original games, which is to shoot egg bombs vertically downwards. Once again, the egg bombs aren't extremely effective in terms of destruction, but they are much more effective in being "bombs". They can cause nearby objects to slightly shake, and can also destroy balloons and weak objects even if they are not directly hit.

Matilda also flies to the right once her ability is used, which is a feature that was in all of the other slingshot games. (excluding the Star Wars series) This is useful, as the levels tend to be much bigger than the original, so there are many more structures to knock down and there is more of an opportunity for Matilda to cause damage. In the other games, she looks squiggly, but in Angry Birds 2, she looks normal, she just spins.

Like all of the other birds, Matilda can level up if the player obtains her feathers, which increases the number of points she earns when she is used.

Angry Birds Transformers

Matilda later appears in Angry Birds Transformers as Nautica, Energon Nautica and Strongarm after a 3-year absence in the game, however in the game she does not use her own voice clips at all. she uses Silver's voice clips instead for some reason, and When vehicle mode is turned on, she will form into a jet


Matilda was introduced into the game as Nautica, Energon Nautica and Strongarm The characters have the abilities to blast shots at enemies and she can use her attack skills to make metal come off objects and attack strong enemies and can equip clothes and can use Energonicons to attack pigs and to unlock her, you have to use player choice.

Angry Birds Fight!

Matilda was involved in the Angry Birds Fight! game as one of the 6 playable and customizable characters. Other than this, she also appears on the matching board as one of the 6 icons.

Matilda often appears in promotional material and trailers for the game.

Unlike the other newer Angry Birds games, which made their designs that followed the Toons animations, this game directly takes Matilda's design from the series. (excluding her "matching" icon) The game also uses computer animation, allowing Matilda to be much more lively and animated.

As of August 1st, 2017, the game has been discontinued and taken down from the Play and App stores, and servers have since been shut down.


Each bird had his/her unique ability if the player was able to match 4 or more of their icons. Matilda's unique ability was to lay an egg bomb and erase panels in a vertical line while digging into the enemy's board as well.

Your success depends on how many points you rack up, so matching quickly is dire for the game. If you don't manage to make enough points by matching the bird icons in 3 or more lines, Matilda or other birds that you use will be defeated by the opponent.

=Angry Birds POP!

Matilda initially wasn't included in the game, as none of the flock members were, excluding Stella, as it was part of her series. However, she was introduced as a limited edition character and was playable for a short time. Afterward, the original flock members slowly began to replace the Stella characters, and the game was soon branded as a regular Angry Birds game. She is now included in the "Free the Hatchlings" portion, which was originally "Free the Critters", led by Willow.

Matilda is again, seemingly simple trend, in her animation style rather than her classic design.


As a limited edition character, Matilda had the same ability as the "Love Pop" by Shakira, though it is called the "Flock Pop". Unlike Shakira's ability, Matilda's bubble would be able to add time to time-based levels.

The purpose of Matilda's levels is to free the Hatchlings, who are encased in clear bubbles and surrounded by colored ones.

Currently, Matilda is included as a permanent character and is featured with a different ability. Her ability (which was previously Willow's) is to shoot a bubble that colors all the surrounding bubbles the color of the next bubble. (known as the "Splash Pop")

Angry Birds Holiday

Matilda was featured as the main character and guide of the player, which had never happened before; as most games featured Red as the leading main character. Matilda would guide and teach the player how to play the game.

The game was never released out of the soft launch, and Rovio officially announced that the game had stopped development and that it'd be shut down as of December 31, 2016.


Matilda is not a playable character, as none of the birds and pigs are. Thus, Matilda does nothing directly in the game, and the player cannot use her in any way, and she only serves as a guide. However, the entire motive of the game is set by her, as the player must help her in building the resort island to attract the vacationing pigs.

Angry Birds Blast!

Matilda is featured in the game as a part of the levels, rather than a playable character which is strange for the Angry Birds series, as before the game birds were always featured as playable characters. This time around, she is involved as an icon like all the other birds.

Like all the other newer installments of Angry Birds, Matilda uses her newer animation design. However, on the matching board, her appearance is much more exaggerated and her face is made much larger compared to her body.


Matilda does not have any unique abilities or features, unlike her appearances in other games. Instead, the player's objective is to pop 2 or more of the same colored blocks to free the birds incased. The color of the bird's block is determined by its feathers, so of course, Matilda's blocks are white. If the player frees a block with Matilda encased inside, she will fly off the screen and the player will receive points for it.

She also appears with bottles in some levels. If the player hits blocks next to her three times, she will start to throw the bottles in random directions that will destroy other blocks in a 1x1 cross figure, helping the player.

Matilda also appears as her hatchling counterpart in nests where there are two of them in each nest. If a block of the same color as her color is next to the nest, she will pop it. If it's done two times, the nest will disappear.

Angry Birds Evolution

This article is about her normal version, for her Elite version, see Elite Matilda

Matilda appears in Angry Birds Evolution as an unlockable character. She is unlocked after beating the White Mountains. There are also other white birds in the game that can be evolved and unlocked.


This angry management therapist has some serious pig beating skills.



She looks exactly the same as the movie version.


Her gaze is now angrier. She wears an orange towelhead with a pink gem on the center and a feather sticking out of it, a red dot on her forehead, golden earrings and a pink band on her torso.

Furious Inferno Evolution

Based on Furiosa from Mad Max, she is now bald and the hair is replaced by car grease. She wears a shirt with two brown belts with silver buckles and one with a skull buckle and a large black and white shoulder pad on the right arm.

Her gaze is now angrier.

Magnetize Evolution

Based on Power Girl, she uses a white suit with the letter pink M on a circle emblem on the left of the torso and pink parts. She also wears a golden tiara with a red gem on the center, a pink belt with a golden buckle and a pink cape with a golden necklace holder.

Her hair strands are now golden.


Power Of Will Rank 1

Roll out a wide spiky carpet that deals 585 damage to any enemy in its path and upgrades all power-ups within.

Power Of Will Rank 3

Roll out a wide spiky carpet that deals 2127 damage to any enemy in its path and upgrades all power-ups within.

Magnetize Rank 3

Roll out a wide spiky carpet that deals 2223 damage to any enemy in its path and pulls all of them towards its center.

Furious Inferno Rank 3

Roll out a wide spiky carpet that deals 2223 damage to any enemy in its path, leaving behind a damaging zone for 2 turns dealing 130 damage to any enemy inside.

Leader Skill

All white birds in team get +30% attack power.

Awaken Skill

Increases the effectiveness of all power ups collected by 30%!

Bird Information


When she is in her first level, it is less than 1000, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.


When she is in her first level, it is less than 1000, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When she is in her first level, she gives less than 1100 Bird Power to the team, but she can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 300 White Evolution material to evolve her. It then costs 780 Evolution Material and 25 White Essense to evolve her to a last evolution.

The income of White Evolution Material and Coins when selling her varies according to her level.


Angry Birds Dream Blast

Matilda appears in the game as an assisting character on events. Unlike other games, Matilda is a hatchling in this game, like all of the other characters. She appears in events, such as Sweet Apple Jam, her debuting event, where the player has to collect apples in the levels to get rewards and unlock her avatar.


As said above, she appears only during events. She isn't a main character and assists the player.

Angry Birds POP Blast

The game formely didn't include her, but Matilda appeared later in the game as a character after being added in a update, along with other characters, she is unlocked after obtaining a determined number of points that can obtained at the Piñata.

Matilda, like all of the characters, uses her movie design and outlined sprites that were made to look like a cartoon. Her animations are similar to the ones from the first game.

She has minor appearances in artworks.


Matilda, as said above, can obtained with a determined number of points, she can be used at any level that the player uses her. Which the player has to assist her in popping bubbles once again, but this time, it's in any objective.

When her bar is full, she will active her ability, which an explosive fireball appears on the launcher and if it's launched, it will explode a row of bubbles.

She can be chosen along with any pig.

Powers and abilities

Perhaps Matilda's signature ability is her being able to lie explosive eggs, which she can use to deal significant damage to structures and knock down enemies. The cause of this remains unknown. She is also known for her knowledge of magic and healing skills, which she can use to cure her allies and curse her enemies. Matilda can also play the saxophone quite well.[3]






  • Originally, Matilda's body would shrivel up once an explosive egg was released; however, this feature was removed in newer versions of the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons (though the latter is due to a glitch).
  • Birds are impervious to Matilda's eggs. If the player drops an egg on a corpse or a bird waiting their turn on the slingshot, the egg will bounce off.
  • In the original Angry Birds's PC release, Matilda has a sound file where she drops the egg and then grunts. However, this was removed in the final game.
  • Originally, Matilda right cheek became purple when she hit something to look like a black eye. However, it was redesigned to look normal yellow.


  1. In a voiceover of the Angry Birds Toons episode "Run Chuck Run", Matilda's voice actor Antti LJ Pääkkönen referred to her as Matilda McTilson. The canoncity of this fact is unknown.

    Angry Birds (January 21, 2021). Angry Birds Funny Voiceovers | Run Chuck Run with Antti LJ!. YouTube. Retrieved on September 5, 2021. “Antti LJ: And here is this year's miss peacemaker, Matilda McTilson, with her customized starting pistol!”


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Protagonists Red (Super RedChristmas RedPhantom Bird) • The BluesChuckMatildaStellaBombTerenceHatchlings (Hatchlings) • SilverPiggy McCoolZetaShakiraDahliaLucaGaleWillowPoppyCritters (Critters)
Antagonists King Pig (Former: Gale) • Minion PigsZeta (Former) • Pilot PigBilly The PigletMad Hog MccreeHams Grubber
Blockers and Materials SlingshotBubbleABP Blocker Glass Circle.pngWoodStoneBlitzfruitSmoke CloudSplash FruitBomb FruitHoneycombLava BubbleAsh BubbleBubble PodPicker PodBoomshroomSporesPop FruitPower FlowerSandstormSpikeSplash FlowerDrumFizz FruitSpin Fruit
Boosters Bird Boost (ABPop Power Pop.pngABPop Dahlia Science Pop.pngABPop Splash Pop New.pngAB Pop Poppy Line Pop.pngABPop Rock Pop.pngABPop Phantom Opera Pop.pngABPop Super Red Special Bubble.pngABPop Triple Pop.pngABPop Color Pop.pngABPop Shakira Bird Pop.pngBomb Blast Pop.pngABPop Luca Sonic Pop.pngMatilda Splash Pop.pngAB Pop Hatchlings Pop.pngRoyal Pop (Transparent).pngABPop Terence Smash Pop.pngABPop Plunder Pop.pngStar Pop.pngFreeze Pop.png) • Rainbow BubbleSuper RainbowMighty Eye SightFireballSuper FireballCrusherInstant Bird BoostRainbow Bubble Old.pngMystery Boost
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Protagonists RedThe BluesChuckMatildaBombTerence
Antagonists Minion Pig (Small PigMedium PigLarge Pig) • Corporal PigForeman PigKing Pig
Materials and Objects SlingshotEggsGlassWoodStoneTNT
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Playable characters Red | Bomb | Stella | Bubbles | Matilda | Foreman Pig | King Pig | The Blues | Terence | Hal | Corporal Pig | Chuck | Ayrton Senna*
Non-playable characters Chronicler Pig* | Mechanic Pig* | Minion Pigs
Tracks Seedway | Sub Zero | Air | Rocky Road | Stunt | Weekly Tournament | Jenga
Vehicles Air Guita | Arctic Roller | Barbequick | Barrel Roller | Beach Buggy | Big Boomer | Big Burner | Blue Cornet | Capster | Cool Runner | Cork Wagon | Drum Roller | Ham Glider | Hog Rod | Iron Belt | Matchstick Mobile | Music Maker | Phoenix Star | Pinky Tonk | Point Breaker | Punch Box | Rocket Racer | Royal Snout | Semi-Skinner | Shred Sled | Snow Scoop | Sponge Cruiser | Strike Out | Sty GT | Tar Barreller | Tracked Trekker | Trash Thrasher | Tub Thumper | Woodwind
Items Bird Coins | Blueprint** | Booster (Boost*, Kart Repair*, King Sling, Target Kart*) | Gems | Ticket** | Toolbox**
Gimmicks and obstacles Glass | Stone | TNT | Wood
Music Albums Angry Birds Go (Original Game Soundtrack)
Songs "Songbird"
Other Earth (Piggy Island) | Level Failed | Star | Telepods
*Appears in the 1.0.0 version only
**Appears in the 2.0.0 version only

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Playable characters Angry Birds (Bomb, Bubbles, Chuck, Hal, Matilda, Red, Silver, Stella, Terence (Wingman), The Blues) | Courtney | Garry | Leonard
Non-playable characters Chef Pig | Mighty Eagle
Enemies Corporal Pig | Eagles | Foreman Pig | Leonard | Minion Pigs (Construction Pig) | Zeta
Episodes Bird Island/Piggy Island Hot Pursuit | When Birds Fly | Party Crashers | Bacon Beach | Bamboom Forest | Wrecks & The City | Pigs In A Banquet
Eagle Island Frenemies | Enter The Volcano | The Frozen Heart
Items Accessories | Billy | Bird Coins | The Eggs | Power-Ups (Birdquake, Boombox, King Sling, Power Potion, Sling Scope, Wingman) | Slingshot
Gimmicks and obstacles Balloon | Billy | Cake | Dice | Donut | Easter Egg | Glass | Greek pillar | Grey block | Pumpkin | Rubber | Stone | TNT | Treasure chest | Wood
Other Earth (Bird Island, Eagle Island, Piggy Island (Cobalt Plateaus, Pig City, South Beach)) | Level Failed | Piggy kingdom | Star