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Mauro sm.jpg
Gender Male
Species Cotton-Top Tamarin/Marmoset (Saguinus Oedipus)
Size Large
Abilities None
Strength Strong
First appearance Rio 8-15

Mauro Is Nigel's Henchman. He Appears in the movie Rio and is a boss in Angry Birds Rio, in Carnival Upheaval and Market Mayhem.


He is a normal marmoset but way larger has brown fur. He wears a white tuft on top of his head that is tied with a clip.


He is a master in Capoeira and a marmoset that steals tourists. He was hired by Nigel to fight Blu and the other Birds, but he was defeated in the battles.


During the boss battle, Mauro jumps from platform to platform in a random way, in Carnival Upheaval, he jumps only on free blue cloth platforms and can go to any, including the last one. In Market Mayhem, he does it the same way. He doesn't avoid solid objects and will jump on platforms with them.

If he goes to other places, he will jump back to the platforms. He will start to slide on objects just like other Marmosets. Unlike the other marmosets, he has much more health, but can be easily injured by weak objects. After he is defeated, he will fall off screen.

The best tactics to beat him are:

  • Being Pushed By Blu
  • Being Hit By An egg or Terence
  • Being Bombed By Bomb
  • Getting Crushed by platforms




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