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"Mechanic Pig will fix it!"
Bad Piggies promotional images

Mechanic Pig is a side character and the primary deuteragonist in Bad Piggies, that can be hired to automatically construct vehicles that can pass the level in case the player is stuck. He is the Bad Piggies equivalent of the Mighty Eagle.



Main article: Mechanic Pig/Angryverse

Classic And Toons

He is a normal large pig wearing a dark blue hat.


In Piggywood Studios, he is just a fat pig with a dark blue hat but in Angry Birds POP Blast he is a normal pig wearing a brown protection mask and a utility belt.


Mechanic Pig is snooty, obnoxious, and self-important. He's one of the smartest Pigs on the island (Which really isn't saying much), a fact that has no doubt inflated his ego. He tends to treat his fellow pigs with annoyance and indifference, behavior that tends to show itself when the pigs around him act especially inept. The Mechanic was portrayed with far less aggravation in his early appearances, meaning that either his personality was changed for creative reasons, or, more likely, he's simply been worn down over the years due to the incompetence of the other pigs. He is not without his positive traits, as he's shown to be very empathetic towards Loopo the day guard.

Game Appearances

Bad Piggies

In the game, he appears when the player uses his Power-Up, he will swing his wrench and an accurate vehicle will be built. He also appears at the beginning of cave levels where his hat falls in the cave and Ross retrieves it using vehicles, in Rise and Swine, where he tries to get cake for him and King Pig, and in Tusk 'til Dawn, where he appears playing with other pigs in the ending cutscene.

In the old version of Bad Piggies (v1.3.0), it was possible to purchase him once for all.

Angry Birds Classic

He appears in the episode Bad Piggies, where he helps the pigs steal the eggs and defend themselves from the birds by using his mechanic skills. In the levels, he is a normal pig wearing his dark blue cap and is not different from the other pigs.

Angry Birds Go!

In Angry Birds Go!, Mechanic Pig plays a supporting role for the racers. After noticing the training karts were very fragile after witnessing Red's kart collapsing, he offers to create sturdier karts to replace the old models. He is no longer available in the recent update of this game due to space limitations.

Angry Birds POP Blast

In Angry Birds POP Blast, he appears playable and changes the ball in the launcher into a bomb when charged. He is with a different appearance from the classic, lacking the iconic hat.

Media Appearances

Piggy Island Heroes: It's Raining Pigs

Mechanic Pig appears in It’s Raining Pigs' concluding story, "Garden In Gloom". The plot centers around Mechanic Pig being tasked by Chef Pig to figure out why his crops aren't growing. Mechanic Pig deduces that the reason the crops are dying because the water that Foreman Pig provided was salt water. He tells the Chef that if he wants water to dig a hole, and takes his leave.

Piggy Island Heroes: Piggies And Pirates

The Mechanic makes his return in Piggy Island Heroes' second instalment, appearing in two stories. In "The Night Knocker", he first appears when Pig City's Great Doors break, repairing them for the day guard, Loopo. He appears again when Loopo, now sleep walking, attacks Pogg during his shift. Mechanic Pig explains Loopo's condition to Pogg whilst expressing sympathy for him. This inspires Pogg to swap shifts with Loopo.

His second role in in "Pig Dreamer", where he contends with his clumsy employee Pump's daydreaming. Pump dreams of joining the circus, but Mechanic Pig dismisses his dream, saying that Pump lucky enough to be working for him on account of how useless he is. Eventually, Mechanic Pig orders Pump to return The Ring Master's buggy to him. Through a series of slapstick and wacky mishaps, Pump botches the job so spectacularly that The Ring Master gives him a position in the circus as a clown.


  • Mechanic Pig has freckles (like Ross) in the level selection of the episode Bad Piggies.
  • Even though Mechanic Pig has shown to cook, he does not show this talent in Rise and Swine.
  • In one of the pictures, Mechanic Pig tapes up the Trojan Egg from the Toons episode, Trojan Egg.
  • Mechanic Pig also appears in Angry Birds Go! in the kart selection menu. He has his Toons design, although it was not seen until now. He also appears in the level failed screen with an unhappy, slightly annoyed look. In the v. 1.3.0 update, he looked surprised, yet sad look when you fail an event.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to Postman Pig.
  • In The Bad Piggies promotional images, the quote is a reference to Wreck-it Ralph
  • He's one of the only two characters who appears in both instalments of the Piggy Island Heroes series, with the other being King Pig.
  • In Angry Birds Go!, If the player waits long enough in the screen where they choose their kart and their character, Mechanic Pig will eventually look at the player then wave at them to upgrade their car by pointing his wrench to it, breaking the fourth wall.


For the gallery, see Mechanic Pig/Gallery.

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