''Mechanic Pig will fix it!''

Mechanic Pig

Mechanic pig handsome

Mechanic pig toons


Abilities Make a vehicle, fix several problems
First Appearance Depends where the player uses him first
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Go!
Strength Unknown
Size Medium

    The Mechanic Pig is a side character and the primary deuratagonist in Bad Piggies, that can be hired to automatically construct vehicles that can pass the level in case the player is stuck. He is the Bad Piggies equivalent of the Mighty Eagle. He also appears in the Angry Birds episode Bad Piggies, where he helps the pigs steal the eggs and defend themselves from the birds by using his mechanic skills.

In the latest Bad Piggies update (v1.3.), you can purchase him once for all.

He also appears at the beginning of cave levels where his hat falls in the cave and the Freckled Pig retrieves it using vehicles. He cares for his fellow pigs, and is always there to make them happy.

In Angry Birds Go!, Mechanic Pig plays a supporting role for the racers. After noticing the training karts were very fragile after witnessing Red's kart collapsing, he offers to create sturdier karts to replace the old models. He is no longer available in the recent update of this game due to space limitations.



  • Mechanic Pig has freckles in the level selection of the episode Bad Piggies.
  • Even though Mechanic Pig has shown to cook, he does not show this talent in Rise and Swine.
  • In one of the pictures, Mechanic Pig tapes up the Trojan Egg from the Toons episode, Trojan Egg.
  • Mechanic Pig also appears in Angry Birds Go! in the kart selection menu. He has his Toons design, although it was not seen until now. He also appears in the level failed screen with an unhappy, slightly annoyed look. In the v. 1.3.0 update, he looked surprised, yet sad look when you fail an event.
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