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This article is about the character in Angry Birds 2. You may be looking for Melody from Angry Birds Evolution.
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Melody (also referred to as the Brown Bird) is a playable bird in Angry Birds 2. Her appearance in the game was teased on November 16, 2022, and more details were given a day later, on November 17. Her design was officially shown on November 20[3] due to leaks from the Portuguese App Store.[4]


Melody is a female potoo[5] with an oval-shaped body and apricot feathers. Her eyebrows are thick, her yellow tinted eyes are big, and she has one eyelash on each eye. Her eyebrows, chest, head feathers, and tail feathers are brown, and she has a brown spot on her cheek, usually drawn on the left. Her beak is wide and yellow.


Melody is a musical bird who grew up in a jazz-loving environment. She is loyal and compassionate to her friends and family, and rarely loses her temper. However, on rare occasions when she does get angry, she vents her feelings by singing loudly. This causes her to suck in any loose objects around her and spit them out with great force when she reaches the chorus of her song.[6][7]

Powers and abilities

Melody's ability is to suck things up like a vacuum while she is singing, and then launch everything back out, similar to Darth Vader in Angry Birds Star Wars II. The player can tap the exact direction in which Melody would inhale and later spit out. While she can pick up blocks and items, she can also bring them through portals and spitting flowers.[8] She can't pick up Bosses, though she can pick up things bigger than them.






A Common potoo which Melody is based on.

  • After seven years since Silver's debut, Melody is the newest flock member that isn't a pig in Angry Birds 2. She is also the third female bird to debut into Red's flock in a row, the first being Stella.
  • Her ability is similar to Kirby's ability from the Nintendo franchise of the same name.
  • At some point in development, Melody was originally going to be a male pelican.
  • Despite Melody being a potoo, an update description for Angry Birds 2 referred to Melody as a songbird. Songbirds are a taxonomic order/suborder to which potoos do not belong. It is possible that the update description could have been made with incomplete information, or referred to Melody as a "songbird" only in the sense that she's a bird who likes to sing.
  • Around January 2023, there was a glitch where her voice clips were muted, due to the folder containing her voice clips being missing. However, as of June 5, 2023, her voice has been restored, thanks to a new update.[citation needed]
  • Melody bears resemblance to Lynette, one of the counselors of Camp Splinterwood in Angry Birds Summer Madness.
  • She and Dahlia are both referred to as brown birds.
  • Unlike most other adult birds, she only has two tail feathers instead of three.
  • Melody has her own Spotify playlist called Melody's Melodies[9]. It was actually released by the official Angry Birds Spotify account.[10]


Main article: Melody/Gallery



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