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Mia is a bird in Angry Birds Evolution that can be obtained regularly in the Hatchery and was formerly the first unlocked character.


Normally I'd say come as you are... but honey, that feathering is NASTY!

If you ain't feathered to impress, Mia will have you banned from all the cool perches in town.

Loves: Her Beaky and Crowbanna shades.



Based on Mia Wallace in the movie Pulp Fiction, she is a tall gray bird with a trapezoidal body and an oval-shaped head. She has bright wings and orange legs. There is a checkmark pattern on her body. Her beak is flat and the tip is black. Her eyes are hollow and the irises are yellow. Eyelashes are long, eyelids are purple. Eyebrows are very short and thin. She has a short hairstyle and wears a small gold pendant.


Two golden bracelets appear on her left-wing. Brown sunglasses with a black frame appear on her eyes, and the edges of her hair acquire a greenish tint. The pendant acquires some more additional gold jewelry.


Fortune Bomb Rank 1

Cause an explosion dealing 95 damage to all enemies within reach and dropping coins for each enemy hit.

Fortune Bomb Rank 1 (Evolution)

Cause an explosion dealing 123 damage to all enemies within reach and dropping coins for each enemy hit.

Leader Skill

Damage Bonus Black

All black birds in team get +30% attack power.

Bird Information


When she is in her first level, it is less than 200, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.


When she is in her first level, it is less than 60, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

Just like any 2 Star bird, when she is in her first level, she gives 192 Bird Power to the team, but she can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 125 Black Evolution material to evolve her. The income of Black Evolution Material and Coins when selling her varies according to her level.



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