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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the song, the Dragon, the Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles version, the Space version, Star Wars version, or the Bad Piggies version.

''Hahaha! Miiiiiighty Eaaaagle!''

Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds: Flight School Issue 1 (Dream of Glory story)

The Mighty Eagle (real name Ethan in the second movie), or just Mighty, is an optional, gigantic bird that can be unlocked and used in Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Chrome, and Angry Birds Friends under specific circumstances. The Mighty Eagle is the most powerful bird in the Angry Birds series. In the Angry Birds Movie and The Angry Birds Movie 2, he was voiced by Peter Dinklage.


Classic Design

Mighty Eagle appears as an enormous white and dark brown round bird with a large beak in a small curl tip and has three large black feathers on top of his head. His eyes are black and have thick brows on each side of his eyes. He also has purple eye bags under both of his eyes and has large black feathers on his back.

Angry Birds Toons

In his appearance in Angry Birds Toons, Angry Birds Fight, Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds 2, Mighty Eagle's feathers are brown and his thick brows are now smaller and his eye bags are magenta. His beak has an orange mark (Just like Hal).

The Angry Birds Movie

In the film version, Mighty Eagle appears as a giant white and dark brown anthropomorphic Northern Bald Eagle with a muscular and fat build - though currently he is mostly fat and out of shape, whereas in the past it is believed he was much more muscular and fit - and is identical to his game counterpart but with minor changes. He has a large dark brown feathered arms which he uses for flight and does not have the three black feathers on top of his head. He also has orange feet with black claws and has large black feathers on his back. His thick brows are now messier like his game counterpart, his large beak has maintained but the back of his beak was curled when he smiles arrogantly and his eye bags are now magenta like his Toons appearance. Mighty Eagle is also the only bird on Bird Island capable of actual flight, though his out of shape physique and lack of practice over the years initially made this task difficult. He was voiced by Peter Dinklage.


"The Mighty Eagle is deep. He is a dedicated defender of the common good. Although he is happy working independently, he likes to have the support and positive feedback from others. When he sets out to do something, he gives it all he's got."

- Modified from the Birdsonality Test.

Mighty is a very wise and powerful bird who is greatly respected by the birds.

He loves his cave and sardines. He hates being disturbed. He is very grumpy, he hates everyone except for The Blues. [1]He is also happy when he gives candy to the Blues during Halloween. [2]

He is a very good friend of Santa Claus. [3]

He has a dark secret he refuses to tell.

His description was updated into the movie version.


Mighty Eagle is a legend of mythical proportions in the bird community. The birds grew up with songs and tales about his amazing adventures and heroism. Because of his giant majestic wings, he is the only bird who has ever managed to fly.

In the film version, Mighty is different than his game counterpart who is wise to all the birds, he appears as ABMovie Mighty Eagle Cocky.pngsomewhat of a celebrity jock who had many trophies and other things due to his heroism to protect the birds in Bird Island. He is initially lazy as seen in the movie before he shows his bravery to save the eggs. He also faints a lot after doing hard things, such as breaking into the castle.

At the end of the movie, he says to Red, Chuck, and Bomb that he made them lose faith in him to find faith in themselves, probably an excuse for his retire.

However, despite helping the Flock various times, he isn't and doesn't want to take part in it, which disappoints Red.


Mighty Eagle appears in any level or instance within the following apps:

Game Appearances

Angry Birds Classic

Mighty Eagle first appears purchasable in the shop. The player can also try three free levels with a sardine tin. Mighty Eagle also appears in The Mighty League teaching the player how to play the event and is featured in the Master League trophy and an emerald version of him appears as the last stop the player can get in the league. He uses a cartoonish movie design instead of his classic one when he is teaching.


Mighty Eagle can be used the classic way; a bit after a tin is launched, he will fly where it was targeted and will bounce away when he reaches the ground, giving feather points. He can destroy any type of material and can obtain the eggs. When the Mighty Eagle strikes the ground, a shockwave is triggered and the pigs are launched into the air; all joints (links that connect objects) will separate, which could cause even more damage (e.g. ropes will split into their individual segments, hanging objects will fall). All the pigs in the level are automatically defeated even if Mighty Eagle didn't reach them.

He costs $4,99 US dollar in the shop and the approximate equivalent for countries that do not use it.

Even though he is the main character of the Mighty League, he can't be used to get feather scores in it.

Angry Birds Seasons

Mighty Eagle appears again purchasable in the shop. He appears the same way he appeared in the first game but he has two new equivalents, Mighty Dragon and Mighty Basketball that appear in Year Of The Dragon and Ham Dunk respectively.


As said above, he appears the same way he appears in the first game, with the same way of usage. He can't be used in the levels where other characters replace him and in the Pig Challenge.

He costs the same price and he could be bought along with the Ham Dunk Western and Eastern bonus. Unlike Mighty Eagle and Mighty Basketball, Mighty Dragon can be used for free in the Year of The Dragon Levels.

A costume of him exists for the Pigs.

Angry Birds Rio

Mighty Eagle appears again purchasable in the shop. He appears the same way he appears in the other games. He flew to Brazil to help The Flock and the Rio Heroes on defeating Nigel.


As said above, he appears the same way as the first game. He can be used for free in all 5 levels of the Playground and can be used for free in a random level after a lot of failures only once.

Angry Birds Space

Mighty Eagle appears in the game as now the Space Eagle, that has yellow eyes, a gray beak, purple head and a black torso. Space Eagle is a bit weaker and won't destroy the entire level.

The Space Eagle is also purchased with real money.


The usage of Space Eagle is different, instead of flying, Space Eagle will appear from an wormhole and will destroy the part of the level the sardine fell, thus leaving parts from the level. He will sometimes be given for free from rewards and as a daily reward. He can be tried for free in the shop.

In Beak Impact, he is replaced by the Mighty Buzzard.

Angry Birds Friends

Mighty Eagle appears again purchasable in the shop but for Bird Coins, which will only give a determined number of sardines. He works the same way but can be only used in the story levels.


As said above, he works the same way and he still destroys the entire level. He can be used only in the story levels.

Bad Piggies

Mighty Eagle appeared in the game as a 3 Star version of the Golden Pig Statue. He doesn't appear anywhere other than it.

Angry Birds Epic

Mighty Eagle appears in Angry Birds Epic as a story character and playable character. He can be summoned with Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dish (MightyEagle'sFavoriteDish (Transparent).png). He appears in his dojo and uses his toons appearance.


As said above, he can be summoned with his favorite dish, sardines, that can be obtained by purchasing it. After it's used, Mighty Eagle will fly in the level and defeat all opponents.

Angry Birds Fight!

Mighty Eagle appears in the Prize Slot and Mighty Quest Event. He uses his toons appearance.


He only appears as a background character in the prize slot but not playable in any part of the game. He also assists the player in the Mighty Quest Event.

Angry Birds 2

Mighty Eagle appears as a spell purchased with gems. He also appears in the Mighty Eagle Bootcamp teaching the player. He can be used in all levels but only for normal scores.


He appears almost the same way, the tin won't fall and will disappear a bit after being launched. After this, Mighty Eagle will fly in the entire screen and will defeat all pigs and destroy structures, he never falls into the ground.

Angry Birds Action!

Mighty Eagle appears in Angry Birds Action! as a ''Power-Up'' that can be used in a level after the player activates the Movie Magic by watching the movie on digital release.


After doing the process said above, the Pilot Pigs that drop crates will be replaced by him. Instead of glass, wood or stone, Mighty Eagle will fly and drop TNT as goodies boxes that make the level easier.

Angry Birds Football

Mighty Eagle appears in Angry Birds Football as a main character and the referee of the Mighty Feathers. He wears a tuxedo and comments the matches sometimes.


As said above, he teaches the player about the game. He helps the player to progress in it and talks about how the Mighty Feathers acted in the match.

Angry Birds Evolution

Mighty Eagle is a storyline character and a black bird in Angry Birds Evolution. In the story and game, he represents all the birds and their basic versions.


Mighty plays a big role in Angry Birds Evolution. This game features Mighty's incarnation from the movie when the birds discover that the pigs are invading their island again, they go to Eagle Mountain to ask him for help.

However, Mighty Eagle says he can't defeat the pigs on his own and requires the assistance of the Eagle Forcers, a group of super-powered birds he used to fight the pigs with. As the player progresses through the game, Mighty tells them where they need to go to find the next Eagle Forcer.


Suffering from nasty back pain and being overweight due to his excessive baking habit, Mighty Eagle still is a young hero at heart. Being very loud about his still unrivaled flying ability, younger birds live in constant fear that he might break a bone when taking action.


His appearance is the same as his appearance in The Angry Birds Movie, but he is a bit fatter and almost the size of chubby birds.


Mighty Flight

Mighty Eagle flies up high in the air and unleashes random black skill on the pigs.

Leader Skill

Buffs event birds by an additional 20% base health and 20% base damage.

Awaken Skill

Adjacent flockers are buffed with 10% health, 10% damage, 10% crit damage increase and 10% crit chance increase.


Angry Birds Transformers

Mighty Eagle appears in Angry Birds Transformers as all variations of Alpha Trion, which includes Alpha Trion, Superion and VIP. He also appears as the icon character of the game, and appears in a lot of the promotional material and trailers for the game usually as Alpha Trion, and also appears in the comic series as Alpha Trion.

Alpha Trion's Description In-Game:

Combined with the ultimate transformer in knowledge and power, Mighty Eagle uses a Grimlock-esque weapon able to drag any block in a random direction and break almost anything with ease. That's saying, using an OP version of an OP weapon. Plus, in vehicle mode, he automatically causes earthquakes. So yeah. Pretty much best transformer in the game yet.

Superion's Description In-Game:

Silverbolt, Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, Slingshot.

Superion is a Combiner, the second after Devastator. Maybe they’ll add the individual functionalities of them sometime.

Superion’s main weapon appears to be a modified version of Alpha Trion and his special is a barrage of homing missiles.

Angry Birds Go!

Mighty Eagle makes a cameo as a statue in the Jenga course and on the Halloween Loading Screen, driving a totally new kart.

Release History

Mighty was first made available in the Angry Birds episode "Ham 'Em High", launched in December 2010. He was subsequently released for Angry Birds Seasons on August 22nd, 2011 with a bug issue and was fixed on August 23rd, 2011, Angry Birds Rio on October 28, 2011, Angry Birds (Google Chrome) on December 1, 2011, and was included with the launch of Angry Birds Friends on February 14, 2012.


Mighty is the strongest of all of the available Birds, and as such, has a limited use: If the Eagle is used on a level that hasn't been completed normally, he can't be used again on another non-completed level until a solid hour has passed. However, if he's used on a level that the player has already completed, the player won't have to wait before he can be used again.


How to use the Mighty Eagle.

To summon the eagle, the player must first purchase him for 99 cents (only once), then on the top left of the screen during gameplay, press the same eye button used to first purchase the Eagle. If this button is tapped, all of the standard Birds will instantly disappear and a can of sardines will be on the slingshot. Then, the player must simply fire the sardines from the slingshot at the Pigs' structure. After a few seconds, Mighty will come roaring down from the skies and strike the ground with incredible force, and every pig in his path will be popped immediately and every building block completely reduced to rubble. Any missed pigs will be instead killed by a massive earthquake the Eagle causes. Also, Mighty has a unique ability-- if you place the can of sardines in front of the pigs' structure, it will cause him to crash on the ground and spin out of control, which causes more damage.

If Mighty is used to pass the level, zero stars will be awarded, and the standard scoring system will be replaced by a "Destruction" meter. Depending on how much damage the Eagle causes to the Pig's structure, this meter will fill up to a maximum of 100%. Scoring a perfect percentage ratio will award the "Total Destruction" feather next to the level's icon on the stage select screen. In some scenarios, the default birds will have to be used in conjunction with the Eagle to get 100%. If he is used in an incomplete level, the user cannot use the Eagle in this manner again until he either waits one real-time hour or completes the level again only without using the Eagle.

When the sardines tap the ground, the Eagle hears it. He flies in to take them, once he has them he crashes to the ground and bounces off. With his aching beak, he takes an hour to recover.

In the movie version, Mighty can break through everything in its path as well as taking flight with the use of his feathered arms as his wings. His power is different than his game counterpart and he was seen struggling to fly when he carried most of the eggs from his claws as he put them to safety, which was depicted in a statue.


At present, Mighty is unlockable for the following:

  • iOS players can unlock the Eagle by paying for an in-game app that unlocks Mighty for the rest of the game. Unlocking the Eagle for one iOS device will also unlock the feature for all iOS devices attached to the same account.
  • As of version 2.2.0 (the version which introduced the Power-ups), Android players can similarly unlock the Eagle through an in-game purchase to Google Play. Before this, the ability could be unlocked by T-Mobile USA subscribers who can access a special Android package that, when installed, adds the ability to the version on their phone which then persists through the normal update process. As with iOS, unlocking Mighty on one Android device unlocks the feature for all Android devices sharing the same account. This is the same for Angry Birds Rio, with new power-ups and levels, and the Mighty Eagle available on Android. This also occurred for Angry Birds Seasons, with new power-ups and levels, the Mighty Eagle available on Android, and different loading screen, logo, and theme for Winter Wonderham.
  • Angry Birds Google Chrome players, as of version beta can use Google Wallet to unlock Mighty as above. They can also play Mighty at no charge in the first episode.
  • Owners of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color or Nook Tablet, who pay for and download Angry Birds onto their devices, can employ the Eagle for free while they are within a Barnes & Noble Bookseller store and employing the store's complimentary WiFi connection. It is unknown at this time how version 2.2.0 (Nook Color and Nook Tablet both use Android) will be incorporated into the Nook's current system.
  • In Angry Birds Friends, Mighty can be purchased on a per-user basis.
  • In Angry Birds Fuji TV, Mighty can be used for free.
  • In Angry Birds Trilogy for PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS, Mighty can be used for free, just like in Angry Birds Fuji TV.

Origin of the Mighty Eagle

Armed with an unbelievable knowledge of pig weaknesses, Mighty Eagle is one of the greatest heroes of the war with the pigs. But one harrowing incident sent him into self-imposed exile on a mountaintop. On his watch, the pigs were able to steal the eggs, and Mighty Eagle's failure to protect them shamed him so much that he retreated into solitude.

-Angry Birds National Geographic Fed Up, Feathered, and Furious.


According to The Angry Birds Movie, Mighty Eagle was responsible for multiple heroic acts to Bird Island, making it a liveable and peaceful place filled with happiness, nothing bad would happen under his protection. Once remaining as a scary mystery, Mighty Eagle lived in the highest mountain of the island, Eagle's Den, that possesses a large cave that fills the entire mountain, considered by Mighty Eagle his headquarter, the Eagle's Den has the format of an eagle's head, probably formed naturally.

As a gift to his heroic acts, the birds carved a statue in his image that points to his mountain, not only this but his wings that are perfect for his ability to fly gave him the fame of a mystical creature, believed by many birds to be false. But as the years passed and he ate a lot of food, Mighty Eagle gained fat and had to retire, however, when the pigs were about to turn the eggs into lunch, Mighty Eagle used his amazing ability again to give them back to his parents.

After this heroic act, which incorrectly gave all the fame to him, the birds rebuilt the statue, depicting him as a large bird that saved all the eggs with Red only crying on his knees, not considering that Red and his friends made most of the work. After leaving Bird Island, Mighty Eagle still helps the birds in defeating the pigs, still loving sardines and living in a smaller cave, Mighty Eagle is even scarier.


  • Of all the Angry Birds, Mighty Eagle is the only one who can truly fly, and thus does not require an assisting slingshot to do so.
  • Mighty has been mentioned in the Angry Birds Peace Song when they say "make the Mighty Eagle smile".
  • In the Ham'o'ween animated backstory video, The Blues (dressed as Frankenstein, the devil, and a witch) trick or treat at Mighty's cave and he gives them candy, and then again in Angry Birds Friends (Pig Tales), which shows that Mighty has a relationship with the Blues.
  • In a previous installment of Angry Birds Seasons, titled Year of the Dragon, The Mighty Eagle is replaced with the Mighty Dragon, which works the same way.
  • Mighty has visited Santa's workshop according to the Christmas comic.
  • The Blues in the comics have mentioned Mighty having multiple places of residence, of "rejuvenation spots". The primary appears to be high atop a cliff, as depicted in Ham'o'ween and the comics.
  • Mighty is the eldest, strongest, and wisest of all the birds. He was likely feared by the Angry Birds originally since Red was very afraid to go ask him for assistance in the Mighty Eagle trailer. As seen in a wallpaper, even Terence is afraid of Mighty. But as time progressed, especially in the comics, the Birds began to be less afraid of Mighty now. In fact, the Birds not only go to him to help them stop the pigs but in the comics, they go to Mighty for advice and listen to stories that have taken place a long time ago.
    • In the movie, Mighty Eagle is also an elder, just like Judge Peckinpah. This can be proven by his telling of old stories of when the birds weren't alive yet, such as the Coconut Story.
      • Coincidentally, both are birds of prey.
  • Another time when the Birds weren't afraid of Mighty was in the Ham 'O' Ween Animation, where The Blues visited his cave during Trick or Treating and Mighty gave them candy.
  • In the Christmas comic, when Mighty visits Santa's workshop, the purple rings around his eyes are gone, which means that he was younger at the time.
  • In the Year of the Dragon animation descriptions and shop descriptions, it is said that the Mighty Eagle transformed into the Mighty Dragon, but in the comic, it is said the Mighty Eagle was an old friend of the Mighty Dragon and the Mighty Dragon was accepted to look after his rejuvenation spot while the Mighty Eagle was gone.
  • Mighty Eagle has a lot of different counterparts, Such as the Mighty Dragon from Angry Birds Seasons, The Space Eagles from Angry Birds Space, the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle from Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles and The Mighty Spalding Ball
  • On December 17, 2011, Mighty was made into a plush and could be bought for $100. It can be found online, mostly on the Angry Birds Store. It is the most expensive Angry Birds plush.
    • This plush could also be won if someone collected 280 Easter Eggs and had a chance of winning it on The Angry Birds Friends! Easter Hunt, along with some backpack plushes.
  • You will have to wait 1 hour each time you use Mighty unless you complete the level that you used him on.
  • His cave appears in the background of one of the levels in Surf and Turf.
  • He is always silhouetted, except in the comics, The Angry Birds Movie, the Power-Ups shop in Angry Birds Classic, Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Fight and Angry Birds 2 (Mighty Eagle Bootcamp).
  • When inflated, Bubbles expands almost as large as the Mighty Eagle.
  • In the Trilogy version, if you get 100 percent for a level, then the feather you receive will be golden.
    • Also in the said game, Mighty uses Terence's Corpse sounds when he hits the ground.
  • Mighty Eagle makes a cameo as a silhouette in Red's Mighty Feathers when he gives Red some of his feathers.
  • Mighty Eagle is the only bird of the main series who has nostrils. However, the nostrils are absent in his movie design.
  • In the Angry Birds movie, Bomb's flashback shows Mighty Eagle with a 42-pack.
  • When Mighty Eagle lived at Bird Island, it was known that he commonly urinated in the Lake of Wisdom in front of his cave.
  • His real name is "Ethan" according to Zeta in The Angry Birds Movie 2
  • Gale's power in Angry Birds Stella is similar to Mighty Eagle.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie 2, he is shown to be the husband of Zeta, but in Angry Birds Evolution, he loves Wonder Bird.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie 2, his appearance seems slightly smaller than in the first film
  • On the latest versions of the games, the Mighty Eagle makes noises of Terence when hitting the ground.
  • His sound effect when he was summoned was used in Gundam: Build Fighters TRY when the Try Burning Gundam uses any of its abilities.



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