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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the song, the Dragon, the Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles version, the Space version, Star Wars version, the Bad Piggies version, or the Basketball.

"Hahaha! Miiiiiighty Eaaaagle!"
Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds: Flight School Issue 1 (Dream of Glory story)

Ethan "Mighty" Eagle[note 1] (also known as just Mighty) is an optional, gigantic bald eagle who appears in the Angry Birds series. The Mighty Eagle is the most powerful bird in the Angry Birds series.

Mighty was first made available in the Angry Birds episode "Ham 'Em High", launched in December 2010. He was subsequently released for Angry Birds Seasons on August 22, 2011, with a bug issue and was fixed on August 23, 2011, Angry Birds Rio on October 28, 2011, Angry Birds Chrome on December 1, 2011, and was included with the launch of Angry Birds Facebook on February 14, 2012, Angry Birds Space on March 22, 2012 (as the Space Eagle) and Angry Birds Star Wars on November 8, 2012 (as the Mighty Falcon).


Main article: Mighty Eagle/Angryverse

Mighty Eagle appears as an enormous white and dark brown round bird with a large yellow beak ending with a hooked tip. He has three large black feathers on top of his head. His eyes are black and have thick brows on each side of his eyes. He also has purple eye bags under both of his eyes, and large black feathers on his back.

In Angry Birds Fight, Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds 2, Mighty Eagle's feathers are lighter brown, his thick eyebrows are smaller, and his eye bags are magenta. His beak has an orange mark similar to Hal.

In The Angry Birds Movie, Mighty Eagle appears as a giant white and dark brown anthropomorphic Northern Bald Eagle with a muscular and fat build - though currently he is mostly fat and out of shape, whereas in the past it is believed he was much more muscular and fit - and is identical to his game counterpart but with minor changes. He has a large dark brown feathered wings which he uses for flight and does not have the three black feathers on top of his head. He also has orange feet with black claws and has large black feathers on his back. His thick brows are now messier like his game counterpart, his large beak has maintained but the back of his beak was curled when he smiles arrogantly and his eye bags are now magenta like his Toons appearance. Mighty Eagle is also the only bird on Bird Island capable of actual flight, though his out of shape physique and lack of practice over the years initially made this task difficult.


The Mighty Eagle is a very wise and powerful bird who is greatly feared and respected by the other birds. Despite this, he is deeply reclusive, as he does not being disturbed. The Mighty Eagle has a dark secret he refuses to tell. He often listens to his gramophone collection alone and usually does not let anyone enter his cave, with the sole exception of The Blues[5], even giving them candy on Halloween.[6] Red was initially very afraid to go ask him for assistance in Angry Birds & the Mighty Eagle. As seen in a wallpaper released by Kombo, even Terence was afraid of him. But as time progressed, especially in the comics, the birds began to be less afraid of him. In fact, not only do the birds go to him to help them stop the pigs, they also go to Mighty Eagle for advice and listen to stories that have taken place a long time ago. Mighty Eagle loves sardines. It is what the birds use to summon him to attack the Bad Piggies. The Mighty Eagle is also a very good friend of Santa Claus.[7]

In The Angry Birds Movie, The Mighty Eagle was initially seen as a legend of mythical proportions in the bird community of Bird Island. The birds grew up with songs and tales about his amazing adventures and heroism. Because of his giant majestic wings, he is the only bird who has ever managed to fly. The Mighty Eagle is different than his game counterpart who is wise to all the birds, he appears as somewhat of a celebrity jock who had many trophies and other things due to his heroism to protect the birds in Bird Island. He is initially lazy as seen in the movie before he shows his bravery to save the eggs. He also faints a lot after doing hard things, such as breaking into the castle.

At the end of the movie, he says to Red, Chuck, and Bomb that he made them lose faith in him to find faith in themselves, probably an excuse to retire.

However, despite helping the Flock various times, he isn't and doesn't want to take part in it, which disappoints Red.

He is fiercely protective of his daughter, Debbie, whom he loves dearly.

Powers and abilities

Mighty Eagle's main ability is to come roaring down from the skies and strike the ground with incredible force, and every pig in his path will be popped immediately and every building block completely reduced to rubble. Any missed pigs will be instead killed by a massive earthquake the Eagle causes. Also, Mighty has a unique ability which is the can of sardines is placed in front of the pigs' structure, it will cause him to crash on the ground and spin out of control, which causes more damage.

As shown in The Angry Birds Movie, Mighty can break through everything in its path as well as taking flight with the use of his feathered arms as his wings. Some times, he can struggle to fly such as when he carried most of the eggs from his claws as he put them to safety, which was depicted in a statue.


Space Eagle


The Space Eagle, from Angry Birds Space.

Main article: Space Eagle

By passing through an extraterrestrial wormhole of some kind, the Mighty Eagle can turn into the Space Eagle.[8] In this state, he somewhat resembles a raven or crow with its purple plumage. It also has two plume feathers on top of his head. The Space Eagle's beak appears to be strongly curved, but that's to be expected. Space Eagle appears much larger than Earth-going Mighty Eagle, but his power remains the same though it's a little weaker. This transformation only appeared in Angry Birds Space.

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion, from Angry Birds Transformers.

Main article: Alpha Trion

By being exposed to the radiation of an extraterrestrial device, the Mighty Eagle can turn into Alpha Trion. In this state, he gains a robotical look with a helmet. As an Autobird, he can change his form to turn into a jet or a person. He uses a Grimlock-esque weapon able to drag any block in a random direction and break almost anything with ease. Plus, in vehicle mode, he automatically causes earthquakes. This transformation only appeared in Angry Birds Transformers.


ABGO MechanicPig2
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The Blues



Mighty Eagle in the Angry Birds Movie after Bomb said Bankruptiy

During when Mighty Eagle sang with Bomb, Bomb said "and Bankruptcy" which made Mighty Eagle say "Ouch!"







""I Have a daughter?"
Mighty Eagle, Angry Birds Movie 2

Mighty Eagle first became aware of Debbie's existence during the mission to destroy the super weapon. At first he was surprised to find out that he had a daughter. Initial confusion quickly gave way to a fierce protective instinct as When the super weapon blew up he protected her from being crushed by a falling piece of metal. At the wedding, he and Zeta hugged her. Overall they are shown to have a very close relationship with some room for improvement.





Original Plush Toy

On December 17, 2011, the Mighty Eagle was made into a plush and could be bought for $100. It can be found online, mostly on the Angry Birds Store. It is the most expensive Angry Birds plush. This plush could also be won if someone collected 280 Easter Eggs and had a chance of winning it in the Angry Birds Friends Easter Hunt, along with some backpack plushes.

LEGO Minifigure

In LEGO Angry Birds, a LEGO minifigure of the Mighty Eagle was released in the 75826 King Pig's Castle set released in 2016. For more information, visit Mighty's page on Brickipedia.

The Angry Birds Movie Commonwealth Plush Toy

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Plush Toy

Edukie Figure

Burger King Plush Toy

Names in other languages

Language Name English translation
Finnish Mahti Kotka


Mighty Eagle


  • In the Ham'o'ween animated backstory video, The Blues (dressed as Frankenstein, the devil, and a witch) trick or treat at Mighty's cave and he gives them candy, and then again in Angry Birds Friends (Pig Tales), which shows that Mighty has a friendship with the Blues.
  • Mighty has visited Santa's workshop according to the Christmas comic.
  • The Blues in the comics have mentioned Mighty having multiple places of residence, of "rejuvenation spots". The primary appears to be high atop a cliff, as depicted in Ham'o'ween and the comics.
    • In The Angry Birds Movie, Mighty Eagle is also an elder, just like Judge Peckinpah. This can be proven by his telling of old stories of when the birds weren't alive yet, such as the Coconut Story.
      • Coincidentally, both are birds of prey.
  • Another time when the Birds weren't afraid of Mighty was in the Ham 'O' Ween Animation, where The Blues visited his cave during Trick or Treating and Mighty gave them candy.
  • In the Christmas comic, when Mighty visits Santa's workshop, the purple rings around his eyes are gone, which means that he was younger at the time.
  • In the Year of the Dragon animation descriptions and shop descriptions, it is said that the Mighty Eagle transformed into the Mighty Dragon, but in the comic, it is said the Mighty Eagle was an old friend of the Mighty Dragon and the Mighty Dragon was accepted to look after his rejuvenation spot while the Mighty Eagle was gone.
  • His cave appears in the background of one of the levels in Surf and Turf.
  • He is always silhouetted, except in the comics, The Angry Birds Movie, the Power-Ups shop in Angry Birds Classic, Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Fight and Angry Birds 2 (Mighty Eagle Bootcamp).
  • In 2011, Rovio released a software development kit for mobile game developers to implement the Mighty Eagle into their games, with the first game being the iOS remake of Death Rally.[9][10]
  • In the Trilogy version, if you get 100 percent for a level, then the feather you receive will be golden.
    • Also in the said game, Mighty uses Terence's Corpse sounds when he hits the ground.
  • Mighty Eagle is the only bird of the main series who has nostrils. However, the nostrils are absent in his movie design.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Bomb's flashback shows Mighty Eagle with a 42-pack.
  • When Mighty Eagle lived at Bird Island, it was known that he commonly urinated in the Lake of Wisdom in front of his cave.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie 2, he is shown to be the husband of Zeta, but in Angry Birds Evolution, he loves Wonder Bird.
  • In the latest versions of the games, the Mighty Eagle makes noises of Terence when hitting the ground.
  • His sound effect when he was summoned was used in Gundam: Build Fighters TRY when the Try Burning Gundam uses any of its abilities.
  • For one second in the trailer of the 2011 remake of Death Rally, the Mighty Eagle can be seen at 56 seconds in. There is unfortunately no gameplay of him in the game however.[11][12]


Main article: Mighty Eagle/Gallery
Main article: Mighty Eagle/Gallery


  1. While most sources refer to him as "Mighty Eagle", other ones make use of the article the, thus naming him "the Mighty Eagle".


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