''A statue is a great gesture, but it doesn't actually do much'' - Mighty Eagle

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This article is about a statue dedicated in the Mighty Eagle's honor.

In The Angry Birds Movie, there is a stone statue of Mighty Eagle between Bird Village and a beachhead. The statue is located in a garden of flowers on Bird Island. It bravely depicts the Mighty Eagle standing on two rocks, with his head looking up and his arm stretched, his hand pointing to the sky. It is one of two known statues commemorating Mighty Eagle's bravery; this is not the only thing to honor Mighty Eagle, a composition was dedicated to him, which is named Mighty Eagle.


The statue was constructed several years prior to the events of The Angry Birds Movie to commemorate Mighty Eagle's appearance and heroic deeds. Young birds in school would be taken to the statue and told about his legend.


On the night the pigs raided the Bird Village and stole their Eggs from their houses and the Daycare, the statue was catapulted off its foundation via a flame arrow shot by an crossbow hitting an TNT and was launched by a blast, which almost crushed Red, and Bomb after they tried to stop the pigs from escaping with the eggs, making they swim baack to the shores before it fell into them. The statue was then half-underwater, with the statue's finger pointing in the direction where the pigs fled (Piggy Island), representing a message from the legendary hero.

Reconstruction and rededication

After the Birds took back their eggs and demolished Pig City in a violent battle, the statue was restored and rededicated, but , but altered to show his latest accomplishment, retrieving most of the eggs in a net. The statue also depicted multiple birds looking in awe and Red being moved to tears. It was given an inscription on its base: ''HONORING MIGHTY EAGLE FOR SAVING THE EGGS''. It is located in the same area as the original statue. While the original depicts Mighty Eagle standing on two rocks, the new statue depicts Mighty Eagle on a dome-like pedestal. It also exaggerates Mighty Eagle's size.



  • A theory states that statue might have been made by a woodpecker (the same woodpecker (John) that carved an illustration in the Bird Court during the Happy Hatchday Scandal).
  • The pose that the Mighty Eagle is making on the statue is probably a reference to John Travolta's disco pose.
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