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Mighty Hoax is the second episode of Angry Birds Classic, which contains two themes with 21 levels each. Much like its preceding episode, it takes place once again in the vast plains but is arguably the most challenging episode in the game. In the cutscenes, the pigs try again by stealing the bird's eggs, replacing them with cardboard cutouts, and using a King Pig and Bush cardboard decoy to get away.

In the Trilogy Version, the opening cutscene shows the pigs not hiding in a cardboard cut out. In the ending cutscene, Bomb is sitting on a Cardboard Cutout Bush and King Pig in the ending cutscene.

This is the first episode to have more than one King Pig appearance, due to the concept of the King distracting Birds with cardboard cutouts of himself. The second time happens in Mine And Dine. This was the last episode to contain 21 levels per theme until Bird Island, which contained 21 levels on a single page.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  When the birds awoke the next morning, the eggs looked safe and sound. Then Red looked more closely. Those sneaky pigs had returned to the Great Cliffs and replaced the real eggs with cardboard cut-outs! Spotting Smooth Cheeks grinning from a distance, Chuck threw himself at the King, knocking him flat. Too flat in fact. It was another cardboard decoy. Those swine are getting sneaky.


Theme 4

Theme 5

When the birds complete Theme 4-21, they discover the King they defeated was, in fact, a cardboard cutout, and that the real King is still out there. Later, the Birds finally succeed after destroying another cardboard cutout in Theme 5-21 and retrieve the eggs. The real King Pig retreats while the Birds celebrate their temporary victory.



  • Before the episode cards were changed to the PC versions the Surf and Turf update, Mighty Hoax's episode card lime green, specifically #84e363.
  • This episode contains the 100th level, Theme 5-16.
  • In the old version, King Pig's eyes look very tightly shut, as if he is scared. The cutout also shows at a different angle, and the cutout has its tongue sticking out. In newer versions, King Pig's eyes are normally closed, and the cutout shows King Pig's normal face.
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