in: Angry Birds Evolution/Birds



It is an elongated white bird with short white wings and orange paws. Below the feathers are larger and purple, fold into a skirt. there is also a purple streak on the neck. The beak is lilac, medium in size; the lower part is larger, stretched down and more extended forward than the upper. The eyes are small, blue, with medium sized eyelashes. Eyebrows are thin. Dark blue hair on the sides is bundled.

After evolution, she had freckles, her eyes became angrier, and a black cloak appeared. The hair also now has a golden hairpin.

Description from the game

Millie is the queen of the school. Do not forget about it, or end worse than her history teacher!

Best Event of the Last Quarter: The Honey Trap Incident.

Additional Abilities

Leader Bonus (“Damage Bonus: White”): all white birds in the team receive + 30% attack.

Super Shot (“Freezing Bomb”): Milli freezes the earth, inflicting a divine amount of damage to enemies in the affected area. When running on ice, speed increases slightly and braking slows down.

It can evolve with a change in appearance once.


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